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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Casual Friday

Jean jacket // jumpsuit (size down) // slides // hat

Confession: I have worn this jumpsuit more times than I could count and even here. I'm a big outfit repeater by nature and sometimes I feel this weird pressure to not wear things again on the blog. Am I the only one? I mean it's ridiculous, right? Don't we buy clothes so we can wear them more than once? I know I do. Heck, I often wear something twice in one week. If no one saw me wear it, I might just put it back on the next day. I'm certainly not going to waste a good outfit. I really didn't intend to rant, but as much as I love this blogging world there are some unrealistic things going on. And well, I'm just want to say that as much as I love buying new clothes I love to wear those clothes over and over. And this jumpsuit is a prime example of a great purchase to support my repeating ways.  It's been my travel outfit, interview outfit, casual Friday outfit, and everything in between.

And now it's time for our weekly flashback Friday featuring this look here. Basically, it's more items I wear on repeat now that it's warmed up. That top has been one I still can't get enough of to this day!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Finding My Bliss Again

cute summer outfit

cute yellow tassel earrings and flowy top

flirty yellow top and jeans

top with a cute back

easy summer look

top (wearing xxs) // jeans // espadrilles (go up 1/2 size) // sunglasses // earrings // purse

It's funny to see these pictures and realize you can see a difference in yourself. No, I'm not talking about getting fit or anything like that. It's deeper. It's something I've been working on for a really long time. ME. That mental and spiritual me. And to be honest, it's been a roller coaster to get here. I fought for it every.single.day. If you don't remember (or missed my post), I was laid off 9 months ago to this date and I haven't talked much about it here since. Probably one of the hardest and longest battles I've had to overcome. It's the closest thing I know to an unexpected breakup. Not only was it a punch to the ego, but for every interview that turned into rejection or even worse being ghosted pushed me back to what felt like the beginning of the starting line. There were so many no's and so many tears. And you have to pick yourself up and try again and again and again. But I can say I made it through. I actually made it. I landed the right job. I'll tell you about that another day. 

If you're in that tough spot of looking for a job, know that you can find the right job for you. It might be so hard now, but it really is just a season. No season can last forever. If you need someone to talk to about it or advice, please email me! I know how lonely that road feels.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

New Madewell Markdowns

tank (runs TTS) just $39.99

We all know my love (some might call it obsession) with Madewell. And I won't deny my love for the brand. One section I check more than I would like to admit is their sale section. It's a good day when I see new items have been added, especially if I have been holding out on them. There's so many new items added and quite a few I own. These are all pieces that are on heavy rotation and had to share with you.

top (TTS but size up if you have broad shoulders) 

Okay, this one I haven't had a chance to take pictures of. It is roomy in the body, so looks best if you tuck in. If you're pregnant, this would work well with a growing bump. It also comes in a navy option that is even cheaper! Ughhh but that embroidery is just so good!

top (TTS) only $19.99!

This faux wrap floral top has been one I reach for weekly! It's a nice floral that works dressed for the office or with jeans. If I would recommend any of these tops, it would be this one. I mean it's so flattering and it's under $20-talk about a steal!

top (TTS)

Totally not joking about how flattering this style top is! I actually got it in this chambray version first. If you a Madewell fan, I'm sure you'll also an avid chambray collector. This is what I say is a fancy chambray top and is one of those no need to think about tops. 

I realize all these are tops, but hey you can never have enough tops! Well, I basically live in a cute top + jeans. Anyway, all these are tops I can recommend/wear enough! So grab them while your size is available if you're on the hunt for some tops!

Here are some others that just hit the sale section: