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Monday, December 31, 2018

My Favorite 2018 Green Beauty Buys

non toxic makeup and skincare picks

It's crazy to think not just the year being over, but how my clean beauty journey is hitting 2 whole years. While I still haven't tried a ton of new brands, I did test a few new products and from all that testing I found products that reach for continuously all year that I wanted to share with you. And if you can't tell from above, I'm going to need to be restocking a few of these. If you're thinking of switching out your makeup to cleaner brands (or just keeping your options open), I would say this is post I wish I would have read when I was transitioning. So here are old and new favorites I cannot live without:

1. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Water Foundation

While I have been a 100% Pure fan for a long time, I never could find a foundation I had that "Ahh-ha" moment. That is until they came out with their Water Foundation this year. It gives enough coverage, but leaves a light, dewy girl you're glowing finish. It's one of those foundations that makes you wonder how you lived without this stuff. 

2. DERMA E Radiant Glow Oil

With oils being all the rage, I definitely tried one or two here and there. I never really gave one a chance, but with so many ways the Radiant Glow Oil can be used I got hooked. It's affordable. It's generous in size. It's a do it all-add it to foundation, use it in your hair, use it as a body moisturizer. I have been simultaneously been using it with my W3ll People Bio Tint (that'll be #3). It does have mica, which gives it a shimmer, but promise you won't end up looking like a glitter fest.

3. W3ll People Bio Tint

For those everyday looks, I'm all about this tinted moisturizer packed with zinc oxide sunscreen. I mix in 2-3 drops of Radiant Glow Oil and apply with a brush for a flawless application. I have every intention of repurchasing this one.

4. Honest Beauty Mascara

There was a ton of hype when this came out and even more hype when they rebranded/relaunched. Truthfully, I debated countless trips to Target over this one. And if you can't tell I already had a favorite mascara. Well, I found out I can have more than one favorite mascara. Totally not a bad thing, right? This has a two step application to give you some volume. One side is a primer and the other side is mascara. While I always want the best lashes, I don't have enough time to use this everyday, so it's my evening and weekend mascara.

5. W3ll People Expressionist Mascara

One of my very first green beauty products and still a favorite. I actually think my love for this mascara has grown. From the wand to the formula, it's just the perfect extra something, something for daytime lashes.

6. W3ll People Bio Bronzer Powder

Okay, okay I clearly have A LOT of W3ll People favorites. They haven't disappointed and you just can't beat how clean the ingredients are. They are also EWG verified and rank 0-3 in the Think Dirty app. But now back to this bronzer. You won't catch me without it and has lasted over a year-so it's gotten it's money's worth. They came out with a baked bronzer that I'm going to be testing soon. 

Let me know if you have any questions about these items or have a favorite green beauty product you couldn't live without! Here's to a cleaner 2019!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Madewell Fall Try-On

madewell fall clothing review

With the holiday season upon us, there's nothing that can keep me from my go-to store, Madewell. Truly, the fall season is what I would say the best of their designs. There are so many new arrivals and I could have tried on a lot more, this try-on has plenty! There are a lot of tops because lately I have been a top + jeans gal.  They currently have sale on sale with an extra 20% off with code REALDEAL. It does exclude denim and leather, but I'm obsessed with these black pair (and might be wearing them as I type).

Madewell fitting room try on

red wrap dress

Hazelwood Wrap-Front Mini Dress in Windswept Floral $128 $102.40 // Size 2

Online this dress looks less red, but note it's red! While red isn't a color I wear much, this is beautiful and very holiday. But you can totally wear this all year. It would work alone or paired with a jacket (like below), dressed up or down. It does not have a clip at the bust, so for me it would have exposed my chest if I would to bend over. I would say this runs a little small because normally I would wear a smaller size, but it was just right under the bust with one size up. There isn't any give in this dress.

Madewell fitting room try on

vintage inspired denim jacket

The Oversized Jean Jacket $128 $78.40// Size Small

Really wanted to be that cool girl who could pull this jacket off, but it didn't work so well in real life. It's roomy in the shoulders and is longer in the body, but the body tapers and that doesn't work if you have larger hips. I'm really small in my shoulders and have some hips, so I couldn't size down. The other factor to take in, is if you have a short torso like myself. If I was an inch taller, I think it would have hit a better spot. 

Madewell fitting room try on

mustard eyelet top

Eyelet Double-Tie Peasant Top $68 $47.99 // Size XS

Not going to lie, this top is everything Madewell does so well with getting that Parisian girl vibes. Maybe I'm just a sucker for eyelet, but regardless it's a beautiful top and has been marked down and you can get an extra 25% off right now. It isn't lined, but a tank under is an easy fix or a nude bra during warmer months. I will say this top felt a tad short, so high waisted pants for this top. While it is an oversized fit, I did go with my bigger size and felt it was perfect in width and length. 

Madewell fitting room try on

pretty purple floral top

Wrap Top in Blooming Oasis $88 $70.40 // Size XS

The wrap style tops are one I just can't get enough of from Madewell. This version was done in a different fabric and still just as flattering, but I wasn't sold on the print. It's one that I'm sure would be great for work or weekend, but it was just a little too large of a print for my taste. The sizing was true to size for their wrap tops.

Madewell fitting room try on

cute forest green sweater

Dashwood V-Neck Sweater $78 // Size XS

I'm always on the hunt for a updated basic sweater and this one is perfect. The v-neck is not too low, but just enough. The balloon sleeve adds some spice and that sweater you can toss on and look pulled together. It comes in this forest green, along with 3 other colors.

Madewell fitting room try on

womens yellow and black wrap top

cute floral wrap top

Bubble Sleeve-Wrap Top in Floating Florets $88 $70.40 // Size XS

I already told you my love for wrap tops and this long sleeve version got me good. You can't tell there are black polka dots in the fabric, which is a nice addition. The fabric is a silky polyester, which makes it easier to dress up. It does have the clip at the bust, which makes this top appropriate for even more occasions. There is elastic at the hem and wrists, which at first I wasn't too sure about but helped with the fit.

Madewell fitting room try on

cute blush velvet top

Velvet Tulip-Sleeve Ruffle Top $88 $54 // Size XXS

Online this really looked adorable! My attraction to velvet this time of year just skyrockets. Can't.help.myself. But there were a couple of things off about this top. For the price, the fabric seems to be a bit cheap when you feel it. I like my velvet to be a little thicker and some stretch is nice. The top does run a little small. It's loose at the top and doesn't get bigger for the hips. Maybe I just have more hips than the average. You can't tell, but the sleeves are slit from the shoulder down something not shown online either.

Madewell fitting room try on

cute floral velvet top

Velvet Tulip-Sleeve Ruffle Top in Petite Blooms $98 $58 // Size XS

And like I said, I am crazy about the velvet. This was on the mannequin and the colors just really grabbed me. I went up a size to my bigger of the 2 sizes I typically wear. It fit better, but again the fabric wasn't that thicker, a little stretch in it. It has that cute ruffle detail, too, that really makes me want to love it. If it does get marked down, I might cave. All in all, I would say if you have hips you might need to go up 2 sizes. 

Madewell fitting room try on

cute leopard top

Velvet Memento Ruffle Sleeve Top in Leopard Dot $90 $72 // Size XS

Not going to lie, I knew I would want this top in my life the second I saw it online. While this top doesn't have stretch to the velvet, it made up with the fit, colors, and hello leopard velvet! Or is it cheetah? Either way, I loved how unique the print is for velvet. My store didn't have an xs for me to compare, but the xs was perfect.

Madewell fitting room try on

womens leopard print sweatshirt

leopard sweater

Pleat-Sleeve Sweatshirt in Leopard Dot $68 $54.40 // Size S

Okay, clearly these spots are leopard (if I would just read the product name lol). I had seen this sweater on someone and it looked so cute. It is really a fun piece that honestly is selling out. I just know myself and wouldn't get enough use out of it to justify it. But it's a great addition or a gift for the girl who has it all. I did think it ran small. My normal sizes (xxs and xs) were tiny! The small gave me the roomy fit I want and some length.

If you have any questions, let me know! I'm always happy to help you figure out sizing!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

5 Tips to Saving at Madewell

top (just marked down to $14.99!) // jeans // sandals // purse // sunglasses

We can all agree I do my fair share of shopping at Madewell. So often I hear comments about the clothes being cute, but out of budget. And I totally get it. It can get pricey, but I'm hear to say there are ways to save. You just have to shop strategically. It's taken me sometime to figure out all these tips, so here are my tips to getting your Madewell and keeping your bank happy.

1. Join the Madewell Insider program

This might be obvious, but it's their loyalty program that comes with plenty of benefits. Not only do get sent emails letting you know about sales, but there are exclusive discounts for being apart of it. Even if you don't shop here that much, it's worth it alone for the birthday discount alone. They give you $25 off anything to use once in your birthday month (umm, YESS!). There are special gifts, early access to collections, and free expedited shipping.

2. Keep you eye on the sale section

Whenever I head to their website, I click straight to the sale section. You just never know when they might have added that cute top you've been stalking! They frequently do add items to the sale section and you want to be the first to scoop it up-things can go fast! The key is to check the whole section, not just the first or second page. They actually have started to mix the order of new sale pieces and older sale pieces. 

3. Never miss Sale on Sale

You want to save the most, ever? It's always going to be during sale on sale. TRUST! Oh, and this is when you just have to add to cart and check out. I've done the whole browsing in the morning, adding to basket, and come back later to find things sold out. It's not a good feeling and the chances are the prices aren't going to go much lower. Stock up now because tops can go to $15-$25, dresses $35-$50. 

4. Check Nordstrom

Good ol' Nordstrom has carries the brand and also a great backup. Not only do they price match, but increases your chances of getting something that sold out in your size. If you're a more frequent shopper with Nordstrom, then it also might be wiser to take advantage of their rewards program and rack up some points. There triple points days would be a key time to stock up.

5. Stock Nordstrom Rack

I can't believe I'm barely discovering this, but Nordstrom Rack has a great selection of Madewell. We're talking jeans, leather bags, and everything you could want from the brand. Personally, I know the selection is best online for this. Their inventory can change from day-to-day, so this one calls for stocking. They even have items that are from current collections-crazzzy good! The best part is you still can get the great customer service as Nordstrom and build up points if you have their rewards program. 

Hope these tips help you save some money! 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Madewell Try-On: Early Fall

Who else is counting down to Fall? Let's just start with saying the best way to prepare is with some fall fashion, right? Right. And if you can't tell, I started my fall shopping at Madewell. It's a season that they master year after year. All the oversized sweaters, cardigans, and layering possibilities are synonymous with why they are so good! The best part is this try-on has a mix of everything to get your fall wardrobe going.

cozy tan grey cardigan

cozy tan grey cardigan


A true classic piece Madewell makes each year and for Fall, it's done in this updated colorblock neutral edition. The tan and grey are my two favorite neutrals, so this is amazing. It does run large and went with my smaller size. It is meant to be oversized, but I would still go down a size. There is plenty of room to layer under. It might be a little pricey, but it is so soft to the touch and one that will get so much wear.

cute dark floral dress


While most days I'm reaching for a tee and jeans, I do crave a dress here and there. Madewell tends to deliver a dress or two each season that are unexpectedly amazing. Guess what? It's this one. It doesn't look like much on the hanger or in pictures, but when you put it on it feels and looks great. It does have a wrap front along the bust, which is much more comfortable than previous cuts. The darker floral is one I can get behind to be seasonless. The only warning is it being low cut. If your bust is small (hiii), then go with your smaller size. For date night, it would be fine without a cami. But you probably won't get away with that for work. Definitely can see this working with a cardi and some boots for cooler temperatures. 

cozy brown pullover sweater

cute cozy fall sweater


Another sweater that was a hit from last Fall is back! Truth be told, I actually passed even trying this on last year. This color is one that got me, though. As far as fit, I would stick to your normal size. It's not oversized. What I do love about it being a good staple, is the wrap is made so your stomach won't get exposed. It is a little low, so depending on where you're wearing this you could need a cami. 

black button front skinny jeans

best black button front jeans


These jeans are for all my short-torso ladies! Most of their jeans are 10" and when they make a pair in 9" it's perfect for my short waist still wanting to wear high-rise jeans. Crazy how that inch can make a big difference from feeling like your pants are under your boobs to just wear your belly button is! These do have a lot of stretch and have a frayed pant hem, both details I'm into. While I have normally worn a 25 in their jeans, I knew from picking up a size 25 that I better take a size 26 too. My eyes didn't lie because I needed the 26. I'm 5'4 and have longer legs, but they hit perfectly at my lower ankle. And don't they pair well with the wrap-front sweater


Well I'm not one to say no to stripes, and Madewell isn't either. This has an oversized fit and would go with your smaller size, but if you want an even more oversized fit go with your normal size. It is really soft and cozy and well very cheery. 

SPENCER SWEATER-COAT $150 (take 25% off) // SIZE XXS

This was yet another hit from last year and finally trying it on this year. Just when you though cardigans were the best thing, this out does it. It's thicker and more structured, but less bulky than a jacket. It's so well made and something this LA girl can use on the regular during our less than harsh winters. I would highly recommend sizing down. It's very oversized with plenty of room to layer. 

Hopefully this try-on helped with fit and sizing! Let me know if you have any questions. Have you started shopping for fall yet?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Spa Day at Mr. C Hotel

beverly hills spa review

While I can attest I'm not one to regularly schedule me-time pampering, I easily realized from just this one opportunity to go get a massage at The Sand Spa inside Mr. C Hotel that it's something I need to do more. Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills is a new-to-me luxury hotel that opens up it's private spa to those who aren't guests of the hotel. But I mean this is their lobby and just from that couch I wouldn't mind a staycation there.

Their spa is run by The Sand Spa, which is nicely tucked away on another level of the hotel. The privacy was an appealing element that added to the whole experience. If you saw on Stories, then you know I was with Jessica and they gave us the whole spa to ourselves. SO BLISSFUL! There are only two private rooms, so as you can imagine it really heightened the privacy I didn't realize I would love. Our masseuse was also managing our entire experience from check-in to the massage. She was a complete dream! She thought of every detail and hands down gave me an incredible massage.

the sand spa reviewDuring the time Jessica was getting her massage, our masseuse made sure I would be comfortable. Truthfully, I had no idea what I was going to do for an hour. She proceeded to show me all the amenities-a shower steamer in my room, the tray of treats and tea, and their peaceful relaxation room at the end of the hallway. Let's just say I took advantage of everything and my hour to myself was underestimated luxury.

relaxation room in the sand spa

 Do you frequently get massages or go to the spa? It was a treat for me, but one I can see me doing more than every few years.