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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Good Red Shoes + Linkup

A little look from the weekend, that I may or may have not re-worn again for work.When you love an outfit that much, you gotta re-wear it for those who missed out, riiight? Well that's how I wear things over here. Anyway, these pieces are all old, but I continue to wear season after season. And, yes, those red flats are considered a staple in my book! 

Now, it's time to flashback to last year's look here. Looking at this now makes me miss SF but also feels really over the top to where my style is now. I actually just donated this hat to make room for this hat. However, I should pull out that purse again!

Jessica and I hope you enjoy linking up and join us again this week! We really do love seeing your latest posts!

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Poncho

reversible poncho // long sleeve // skinny jeans // booties (old, similar) // aviators // lipstick in barbara

When the weekend hits, and by weekend I mean Friday right about noon, my mind completely has food, sweets, and a good cocktail on the brain. Date night, girls night-yes and yes! Umm what resolutions? But you know what? I don't regret all those tacos, ice cream, and that $15 cocktail (okay, maybe just a little). The solution is a good poncho. They cover up all the evidence of a really indulgent meal and really makes people think you put a lot more effort in getting dressed. It doesn't hurt it's the closest thing to walking around with a blanket and being acceptable. Clearly, all wins in my book.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Grey and Black + Linkup

long cardigan // top via TJ Max // jeans // otk boots // scarf
Happy Friday! Anyone else feel like this week was a day too long? But on the plus side I think I've finally started some of those resolutions I wrote down. You know only three weeks in, but hey I'm gonna pat myself on the back here. Two of my big one's have been exercising and taking food to work. The food part has felt like I've been doing this forever, but the exercise part um just ask my body how soar it is. Exercise is going to take some time to get used to. I'm hoping we become BFF's soon:)
Anyway, if you can tell I got a serious love affair with grey. I've been stocking up on grey. If I don't have something in grey, then I make sure to go out and get it hence this sweater. Don't ask me what I wore before this long grey sweater because it's been worn nonstop-to work, to yoga, to lounge in. I'm thinking I should get another one in case anything happens to this one.
Thank you for linking up last week! Let's take a look at last year's outfit. I'm pretty surprised that it's a neutral outfit. My style has take a big shift to neutrals from lots of prints. You really can't go wrong with all black and sprucing it up with accessories.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Whites

cardigan // sweater // jeans via t.j maxx // booties // tote // aviators // lipstick in cruising

Happy Monday! Maybe you're one of those people who has the day off. I'm not, but at least it was a really good weekend. There was brunch, yoga, and beach time. That really is a winning combination for me! And by beach I mean Santa Barbara for two, yes two, weekends in a row. That never ever happens! I'm so not mad about that. The boyfriend became obsessed last weekend and just kept saying 'we're coming back next week.' This time we went with his immediate family of 20ish people. Yeah, no joke that's just the immediate. Definitely, a blast with everybody this time! I'm thinking of putting together an itinerary for Santa Barbara because a) it's amazing and b) I'm trying to convince you to go someday.

Now for fashion talk, can we tell I've been really into neutrals lately? It's such a big shift for me. I've always been the person to shop for prints like it was life or death. Basics just went to the back-burner. But all I want is oh so versatile neutrals!

Hope you had a great weekend! 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

OTK Boots + Linkup

moto jacket // turtleneck // jeans // otk boots // kate spade purse (gift, similar) // lipstick in cruising

If you want to know what I got for Christmas, it's basically everything in this outfit-purse, jacket, and boots. Let me tell you how long I searched and thought about those over-the-knee boots; basically too many to count!. Hey, it still counts if you pick out your gifts! If your like 98% and couldn't justify spending 2 roundtrip tickets to Costa Rica on boots, then these come pretty darn close to the Stuart Weitzman. The zipper detail in the back really gives it the structure to stay up, which is a lot of complaints about most knock offs. Not sure they would work for those with muscular calves of my dreams, but finally something paying off for my skinny legs. Now, let me tell you about this jacket. For sometime, I thought it was not meant to be. I ordered from work, but you guys Sole Society has clothes-hey work perks! But it got lost by UPS. I figured it was just a sign, but Santa (aka Mom) left it under the tree for me. 

Now, lets flashback to last years look. Last year, I definitely embraced prints and patterns. While I am slowly becoming more of a neutral gal (never thought that would happen), I really love the combination of two plaids in the same color scheme. You can see the full post here.
Thank you so much for linking up last week! We hope you'll join us again!

Best of Sole Society on Sale Now!

Okay, so as many of you know I work at Sole Society and thought it's about time I gave you a little of the inside scoop. Behind the scenes, we are testing out the shoes ourselves and finding the gems. Sometimes those are customer favorites, but sometimes not. And since it's the new year and you're probably looking to save some money I thought I would share the best of the sale section happening right NOW. Yes, they are final sale, but the prices are so so good! So get it or regret it!

1. Romy bootie / $53.97: By far my personal favorite and I wear all the time in taupe, but they are on sale in the Army (a greenish olive). These guys never really go on sale, which is why I'm saying scoop these bad boys up. As for fit, I would generally say Sole Society booties run a little narrow. I went a half size up (feet are medium width) and let me tell ya my feet couldn't be happier!

2. Mars bootie / $49.98: These are those under the radar shoes that every girl in the office has and you want to know why? Well, they are so comfortable! Everyone can't stop with how comfortable. Due to the ankle, I would recommend a half size up too. You can't beat it for under $50 and free US shipping! 

3. Tina heels / $39.98: Ever since I laid eyes on these, it was love! While I haven't picked up a pair yet, it's another office favorite. They come in grey, black, and crimson. This is another one of those pairs that not just meets the style factor, but the comfort factor. For these, typically your normal size is good for medium width feet.

4. Andie boots / $69.98: While most of the trends have been toward over the knee boots recently, I'm tossing these in because these are a classic boot that will not go out of style and it's under $70. They come in brown, cognac, and there's still a handful of the black. Again, I would suggest half size up for medium width feet.

5. Alessa heels / $44.98: When you need some va-va voom in your step, these are the winners! I feel like these slipped under the radar and lucky you they are on sale. They come in red, navy, and black-all are amazing in person! Go with your normal size for medium width feet.

6. Jensine heels / $41.97: These heels come in a few colors and just have that sweet factor that come in a comfortable heel that really is a classic with an upgrade. The sizing would depend on the width of your feet, but generally your normal size should be fine. And how pretty would the crimson pair be for Valentine's in say what a month!

. As you can imagine, it get's pretty tempting to work around shoes as a female. And since I really need to stop buying so many shoes please buy them so I can't! But really I hope this helps make some shoe dreams come true. If you have any questions about any of these or others, just let me know.

Monday, January 11, 2016

For the Love of Grey

If you were to catch me on any given day, there's at least a 90% chance that I'm wearing grey. The more grey I can get my hands on, the better. One of the best parts is that there really are like 50 shades of grey and I've never even seen the movie. Pair all your different greys together and it just creates a great monochromatic look.

Did you have a nice weekend? The boyfriend and I had a nice little day trip to Santa Barbara yesterday and if you've been a reader for sometime know that's my favorite escape! It's been awhile since we last went, but always involves a little beach time and lots of food. Oh, and wine! There's so many spots for amazing wine. I will tell you time and again, but if you plan to visit LA put Santa Barbara on your list. You won't regret it!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Flashback Fashion Friday is BACK!

Welcome back to our weekly linkup! Jessica and I really intended to continue the linkup during the holidays, but with traveling for Jess and just embracing the holiday season we took a break. And guess what? It's been raining almost non-stop here. El Nino is real guys and he's making my blog picture taking time practically impossible. So we are starting off with a good ol' IPhone picture. A little look from Monday with my poncho, the one day it didn't rain and was amazing weather for my Costa Rican friends who came to visit. And maybe you already saw here but I just booked tickets to Costa Rica to visit them and I'm SO EXCITED! If you want to add something to your 2016 list, it's get Costa Rican friends because they are thee nicest people and they might invite you to come visit. Now all I want to do is buy bathing suits and cute dresses and these sandals!

Now, it's time to flashback to last years look with some plaid and camo. Plaid is one of those pieces that I reach for each year and recently pulled out this top. But I think it's time to pull out this camo clutch again! These grey boots are still available and under $65. I would recommend doing a half size up. You can see the full post here.

Now, we hope you'll join in for the linkup! We would love to see you latest post!