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Monday, February 27, 2017

10 Crossbody Bags Under $100

It's time. Time to finally get another purse. This crossbody bag has been going strong for at least a year. I've basically have worn it every single day. For the price and size, it has been great for everyday. I've mentioned before, but it actually fits a DSLR camera and the essentials. As you can see, I still do love this bag, but know it would be great to have some variety. Plus, there are some great crossbody bags that are affordable and might make you double check that it's not real leather. Heck, I might even get two! Here are some of my favorites:

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pop of Blush + Linkup

jacket // top (on sale) // jeans // scarf // booties (go up 1/2 size) // purse

It's days like this that I realize that I wouldn't ever survive winters where it snows. I was sooo close to not even taking these because I was freezing, which is why you only see one shot without my scarf. Thanks to Jessica for pushing me to take these the other day. We ended up having a bit of blogger date-coffee at a cute place, blogging pictures, and an event. I don't think it gets more blogger than that. Oh, and of course I found the perfect sketchy alley for these pictures. 

This lace-up top is one of my recent buys from Madewell. It was from my fitting room post here. It's on sale now, which I've been waiting for. Still waiting on a few more pieces to go on sale (fingers crossed!). Not going to lie, this top is cute, but wrinkles (as you can see). I still love it. Okay, now I seriously need a new purse. Not that anything is wrong with this one, except I've been wearing it in 99% of my pictures for the last year. It's faux leather and it's held up so well. Anyone have anything they recommend in the crossbody style?

Thanks for linking up with us! Means so much! We love Tilden from To Be Bright and from Lee LegalLee Blonde!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This Green Beauty Line Smells Good Enough to Eat

Let me just say that it's been a battle to come to this point. Yes, this is a makeup post. But finding a brand that is doing it without all the harsh chemicals AND still giving you the results has been hard to come by. Don't let my sister know, but I kinda let her be the genie pig when I got her a few things for Christmas from 100% Pure. She ended up loving the stuff, so I got a few things for myself. And you know what? I.GET.IT. 

When you start learning about the stuff that goes into makeup and making the green switch, you learn that fragrance is big sign it's not natural. That means finding a lot of products that are natural BUT smell well let's just say like the earth. It's not always pretty. So one of the best things about 100% Pure is they've magically found ways to make all their makeup smell good without any added artificial fragrance. You guys I almost want to eat it-that's how good!

Maracuja Oil Mascara in Black Tea $25 

Don't ask me why I smelled this, but I did. Anyway, it does smell good. But besides that, I love that it actually gets the black color from black tea. Maracuja oil comes from passion fruit, which is full of fatty acids and is good hydration. I'm thinking this is why it smells good. It gives your lashes a dark coating and adds some volume. I wasn't sure how it would hold all day, but no issue there. 

Now this stuff is life. It's basically an espresso shot for your eyes. And yes you will want to eat it. It actually smells like something you'd find in a bakery. A little goes a long way, but you can say goodbye to puff under eyes. 

One of the big things I've been trying so hard to replace is lipsticks and lip balms. The thing that I find with natural lip colors are them being either too sheer or don't feel quite right on. That's not the case here. They go on smoothly and have all the pigment I'm hoping for in a lipstick. The Calendula shade is a very pretty coral nude. I'm thinking about picking up this brownish nude

Have you ever tried anything from 100% Pure? They have stores, too. I've been to my local one a few times and it's helpful to swatch things.

*This post was sponsored, but genuinely use the products.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Moving Into Spring

This probably has been the one Winter here in LA that actually feels like Winter. I know shocking. There's been massive amounts of rain. Days and days of rain. Truthfully, I can't take it. My cold bones require sun. Plus, I'm a blogger. Bloggers need at least a dry overcast day for pictures. So you bet the second there was a day of sunshine, I celebrated in appropriate fashion, blogger fashion that is.

Don't get me wrong, it's still chilly even with the sun out. But I went straight to the section of my closet that holds all my resent finds that scream beautiful Spring day. I beelined for this pleated bell-sleeve top. I've been saving it for a day just like this. It's just one of those tops that has the right details that you don't question it completing a hole in your wardrobe. Paired with grey, it's an easy transitional look from Winter to Spring. 

While the days of Spring-like weather are slim, it still doesn't stop me from looking for pieces like this top to add in. Quality and unique basics are something that really defines any wardrobe, but feel like investments. Banana Republic has mastered that. My younger self used to think it was just work wear, but funny how time has changed that opinion. They stepped it up in crafting pieces that can work for more than the office. Sure this top pairs well with jeans, but in my imaginary fancy office job I would so wear it with black ankle length slacks. Even my boyfriend knows he can grab basics that he will have for years. Don't tell him, but I think he might have discovered that before me. But it's okay-this is the one store we both can shop at and not have him rushing me out:) 

Are you already shopping for Spring?  

*This post was sponsored by Banana Republic. All my opinions are my own.

Thanks for linking up with Jessica and I! Our picks are Mia from Aesthetic Lounge and Audrey from Five Foot Nothing Shopping!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dark Shades + Linkup

jacket // top c/o garnet hill // jeans // booties (on sale; go up 1/2 size) // hat // purse

FRIDAY!!! I seriously could hug today. Why? Because I survived a very hungry week of doing a juice cleanse. And now I'm just thinking what should I eat first. Should I make up for national pizza day yesterday? Should I go get a whole bunch of my favorite donuts? Or should I be responsible by keeping things healthy? By the way, this juice cleanse had mini meals. Otherwise, I know I couldn't commit. Anyone else done a juice cleanse? 

Okay, for the sake of flashback friday, I will talk about clothes. This was my look last year and was when I found out I would be starting a new job (my current job). But even if I wore this now, you wouldn't know. Basics all together just never go out of style!

Thank you for linking us with us! We always have a hard time picking who to spotlight, but this week it's Bogi from Hampton Roads Fashion and Style and Lee from LegaLee Blonde

Monday, February 6, 2017

Feng Shui Your Wardrobe

For the past year, I've come to learn the value in basics. So when Garnet Hill asked me for some tips about bringing some Feng Shui to your wardrobe, I knew there's some tips that I have learned. You can check out the post here.

P.s. they really amazing quality basics like this silk trim cardi.

Have a great day!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Madewell Review + Linkup

Oh, Madewell I love you but my wallet really hates you depleting it to nothingness. But I just can't quit you. I look forward to those emails with your effortless style and more stripes to feed my addiction. Madewell you're basically my abusive boyfriend. Now that we're clear about my obsession, I had to see the latest pieces for myself IRL. If you are just as addicted to them as I am, you know that sizing can be tricky. Things can run big. Other things you wonder if you better hit the gym. So hopefully this helps you figure out what size.

Just for reference, I'm 5'4 and tend to wear size 0-4. My upper body is very petite. Lower body has some curves and well I have a booty.


THE FIT: This is meant to be oversized. Anything oversized with Madewell usually means needing to go down a size. The sleeves do have a slight bell shape, but it's not overdone. It's that taste of the trend or your gateway into trying it out. Truthfully, I'm still thinking I want this shirt. 


THE FIT: It's oversized and one of those dresses you can just toss on. Because it's roomy I found it easy to go down a size. But the fact that it's an oversized dress made me feel like it wasn't amazing on it's own. With a big belt, I think this dress could be a winner. I'll be keeping my eye out for this beauty to go on sale. 


THE FIT: It's soft. It's neutral. It's almost like stripes, but not. It's also oversized and let's just say I'm a fan of that (if you haven't realized by now). So instantly had to try this on. Once it was on, it seemed like without folding up the sleeves there wasn't anything really special.



THE FIT: This was high on my list to try on. Lace-up and rosey blush-yasss! The top is flowy, but not so oversized. Still say you can size down. But putting it on it just seemed to hit a bit long, which made me want to try it tucked into that jean skirt. It honestly is cute, but after I took off the from the untucking 2 minutes later it was wrinkled. I'm not big on ironing, but if this cute top goes on sale I'll be ready.

Now, the skirt. We all know how big button front skirts were huge last year. Well it's not over. It's a classic, even with the 70's vibes. The denim is that nice thick material. It is true to size. It's a piece that I wasn't sure if it would work, but I was sold. Be warned there are no pockets. ZERO. However, I loved how it flares out just a tad making it easy to dress up or down.


THE FIT: By now you realize, I will try on anything with stripes or lace-up details. I'm all about trying to find variations of what I like and side lace-up is not in my closet. The top is boxy so I went with the XXS to try on. The material is thick and gives it that boxy shape. But putting it on, I felt that it was just okay. Perhaps if I wore a better bra, I might like this more. Maybe it's the navy that I'm not convinced on. 

THE FIT: Online I wasn't sure how this would look and the reviews seemed bad. In person, all those questions went out of my mind. Reviews were about the arms being tight. I didn't have any issues, but I do have almost non-existent shoulders. There is a keyhole button at the back to help get it off. The price is a bit high, but it is silk. Based on the outfits I've created in my head, I will be stalking this shirt and crossing my fingers it goes on sale. 

Have you picked up anything from Madewell lately? Let me know if this helped or any other stores you'd like to see!

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