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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Black and White for Summer

Top (runs big but 50% off this weekend) // Jeans (old, similar) // Purse (another option) // Hat // Sandals (1/2 size big) // Sunglasses

Happy Friday! Who else has an extended weekend? I know I'm looking forward to it and heading out to the beach tomorrow. And if you don't know I'm a huge beach lover! There's really no set plans, which is just perfect to me. Although, I am hoping to get some shopping in because some of these sales are insane. I had stocked this top and snatched it up at 40% off, but now it's 50% off making under $25. I originally wore it out to brunch with my white pants (I know, risky) and later wore it with denim cutoffs. For being a mostly black top, it's breathable even in the dead of summer. Trust me, I tested it in 100 degree weather. It passes the test. 

Now, let's flashback to last year's look, which happens to be with these exact same white jeans. Even better, is that it's another take on black and white. You're probably questioning a moto jacket during summer of last year. No, I didn't loose my mind. But they were taken during a trip to San Francisco which is so unpredictable.

Thank you so much for linking up with us! Our picks are Lizzie from Lizzie in Lace and Amy Ann from Straight A Style!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Madewell Try Ons: Summer Collection

Anytime I get that email that says "New Arrivals" from Madewell, you can bet it takes me under .02 seconds to open and click. And last week I took sometime off from work, I knew it would run over to try everything I fell in love with online. Seriously, it's my favorite thing to be able to try it all on and put together this try on guide (and do some shopping). But I think I have to go back because just this morning I got an email with more new items released. And guys how cute is this top and this stripe number?! Okay, okay though the things I did try on were just as good and there a couple of misses. You can't win them all, right? My wallet says thank you.

Eyelet Cutout Dress $118 NOW $79.99// Size 2

While two of my favorite things for Summer is white and eyelet, I wasn't planning to try this on. Except it looked a lot cuter in person, so I gave it a go on a whim. I have a short torso, so while you can't see it the straps are a tad too long. It probably wouldn't work well if you have a larger bust (no issues there). The other concern for getting the right size, is the waistline where there's a button (image below). I had to go for the size 2 to fit my waistline. Honestly, I loved it more looking at the pictures than IRL. But if this one goes on sale you can bet I'll pick it up.

Meadow Wrap Skirt $39.99 (originally $69.99) // Size 4

This wasn't my first time trying this skirt, except the color. Ever since it was online, I wanted it to work. Sadly, I just have a harder time liking skirts (maybe). The skirt is true to size, but part of me wants a little room in the waist. So I tried it on in size 4 (above) and size 2 (below). Ultimately, the size 2 is less fabric around the hips. It honestly is a cute skirt, but I just couldn't commit to wearing it enough times. 

Meadow Wrap Skirt // Size 2

You can see it doesn't flare out so much on the side view image. So if you have bigger hips or more to love in the rear, sizing up might be good.

Embroidered Tier Top $69.50 (NOW $49.99) // Size XS

When I saw this online, it was an IMMEDIATE no thanks. Guess, that changed when I stepped in the store. Normally, I don't go for this cropped, but the embroidery at the top and airy loose fit makes it nice for those oven like summer days. And it might have just been 100 degrees outside, too. While I could have gone down in size to fit closer, I went up for bit of length. 

Raw-Hem Jean Wrap Skirt $79.50 // Size 4

Okay, I have to say I really didn't want to love this skirt. It doesn't have pockets. We can all agree those are important, but the fit was so good. The jean has a heavier weight and like the semi-modest length. I could wear this to work or out on the weekend, which is huge for me.  

Striped Melody Off-the-Shoulder Dress $88 // Size XS

I'm really glad I tried this on because while I sure do love stripes and off-the-shoulder, this just wasn't love first try. Don't get me wrong, it's cute and has a nice thicker material. It just was too long for my taste. If I wasn't lazy to get it altered, I would. And for reference, I'm 5 '4. 

Striped Tank Top $49.50 // Size XS

And because I can't resist stripes, I tried this oversized top. It's cotton, the type you would find on a button shirt, making it breathable for summer. The only downside is the button closure at the neck. It was so small. Maybe it was just the one I picked up, but I guess I should have checked other ones. Except I'm glad it didn't workout because this top is calling me.

Strum Tank Top $42.50 NOW $19.99 // Size XXS

If there's one thing you can never have enough of, it's tanks and tees. These one is perfect in so many ways! First off, it's the softest thing ever. It has a relaxed effortless fit and the best split detail. It comes in several colors, which I know I need. 

Valley Sweater Tank $29.99 (originally $59.50) // Size XS

Even thought this isn't from the latest collection, I'm sneaking this one in there. It's at a great price and probably the only way you could get away with wearing a sweater this time of year (unless you work in a freezer like me). 

Have you picked up anything from Madewell lately? Let me know if you have a favorite!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Double Denim

top (go up a size if you have curvy hips) // jeans // espadrilles (go up 1/2 size) // sunglasses

So today was my birthday, but you're probably reading this the day after. And if you remember from this post, it was bringing some emotions. But I definitely have moved to a better place about it. Your comments were a big help and my girlfriends who just turned 3-0 made me laugh about it. We spent the day in Santa Barbara, which seems to be a running joke because we always tend to go there. I tried so hard to not go their this year, but life had other ideas. I guess it is where I belong. I am always happiest by the ocean.  Well seeing that I can't offer you birthday cake, I thought I'd share 30 things about me:
  • I'm LA born and raised, which is unheard of
  • Over the past year, I've become matcha latte snob
  • I've never stepped inside a gym to actually workout
  • I'm scared out of my whits of snakes. I almost backed out of trip to Costa Rica because of that
  • You're looking at a vegetarian of 10 years. But technically I'm pescatarian. I eat some seafood on occasions 
  • By day, I work for a parenting website where I have learned waaayyy too much about pregnancy, birth and motherhood
  • If calories didn't count, I would eat pizza and ice cream daily
  • Wine trumps beer
  • Italy will forever been a place I fell in love with before I went
  • Growing up I always wanted a cat, but was allergic
  • Up until the last 6 months, I've always had a pet
  • I'm more of morning person, except I'm slowing becoming a person who hits the snooze button (I blame the boyfriend on that)
  • People have a hard time figuring out what ethnicity I am and I enjoy that
  • And I'm 4th generation Mexican
  • My Spanish is on par with a five year-old
  • My boyfriend and I did long distance for THREE AND A HALF YEARS 
  • I'm usually one of the most unflexible people at yoga
  • Yoga is the only form of exercise that I've stuck to
  • I'd rather go barefooted as much as possible (maybe that's why I like yoga)
  • My best friend and I have known each other since we were five
  • My tastebuds are not a fan of coffee, but my nose is
  • Oddly, I sometimes can drive without music 
  • My dream is to move near the beach someplace that I don't have to deal much traffic
  • While I've always loved fashion, my style has taken a shift over the past year. Is this me getting old?
  • For college, I majored in Fashion Marketing (totally fitting right?)
  • I never understood all the fuss about Madewell, but now I have a full-blown addiction
  • I feel like my least self when I wear red lipstick
  • Parallel parking is not my talent
  • The only traffic violation I've had was a fix it ticket
  • I have this weird love for NYC even though I crave peace and calm
And a big applause if you read through all 30 things! If there's something you'd love to know, ask away. 

P.S there is a giveaway going on! I'd love for you to get to know this cute shop and win some shopping money!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Retail Therapy Is Better With a Giveaway!

giveaway to mixology

Happy Monday everyone! Okay, I know Monday's usually get a bad rap, but I wanted to help change that! Shopping counts as a mood booster, right? Yes, it does. If you're anything like me, I'm always browsing online for new online shops and I recently came across Mixology. You guys seriously need to know about it! There's sooo many cute and affordable options, including a great section of my favorite summer trend off-the-shoulder tops! This two-piece set is currently in my shopping bag. You can even find brands like BB Dakota and Lovers + Friends. I love when I can find brands I know and trust, along with new to me brands.

Here comes the best part! You can have the chance at winning this giveaway for a $25 gift card to pick up something for yourself! Entering is super easy! Giveaway runs till next Tuesday. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This giveaway is a partnership with Nakturnal, with a prize of a gift certificate. An $8.99 flat rate for all orders under $75, free shipping for orders above $75 for the contiguous 48 United States. All international shipping will be shipped through USPS. The prize does not include shipping or any potential customs on international orders.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer Style

top // jeans // sandals c/o (run 1/2 big) // purse // hat

This post is sponsored by Banana Republic. All opinions are my own.

It might be a week early, but I think it's safe to say that Summer is here in LA. I know I mentioned June Gloom last week and I think the weather gods heard me say it always happens because this week it's been sunny all day long. The good part about that is finally reaching for all my Summer approved pieces. Just like with any season, it's all about having great staples that go with everything. My latest addition have been these Banana Republic suede sandals. They are the perfect sandal to wear to work to weekend fun. The best part is that they seriously couldn't get any more comfortable. Is it crazy for me to already think that I need a backup pair? I have worn them non-stop since they came in the mail. What are some of your summer go-to pieces so far?

Now, let's flashback to last year's look. I think you can tell from this that there was some of that June Gloom I was talking about. It really does happen hence the jacket and scarf in the picture. 

Thank you so much for linking up! Our picks are Jessy from Current Bliss and Oby Grace from Oby Grace!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Casual Black Outfit + Linkup

Black top (on sale, size up) // Jeans // Sandals (go 1/2 size down) // Hat (similar) // Circle Purse // Scarf

June is one of those weird weather months in LA. Every year, without fail, the fog and clouds just roll in. You think I would accept it by now. I am an LA native, but there's a naive part of me hoping it will skip this year. Doesn't look like June Gloom is missing out. So it makes for interesting dressing. You get up reaching for sweaters. Then by midday, you're regretting all the warm layers. While I don't recommend wearing all black in the middle of Summer, I have a better chance at getting away with it during this split weather month. 

Now, let's talk accessories. Every season I find myself adding in new accessories to transition into the next season. This bag is my new go-to bag and it's on major sale. It fits your essentials and adds a unique twist to any outfit. The other purchase that I'm so excited about are these suede sandals. Literally, they feel as close to being barefoot (in a good way). If you know me well, you'd know that I'd rather be barefooted as much as possible. But they don't need any breaking in and could wear them with just about anything! 

Let's flashback to last year's look here. Besides being a neutral outfit, it brings me back to one of my favorite cities, San Francisco. Better yet, it makes me wish I was still waiting to eat at one of best brunch spots, Nopa. In between waiting for a table, we found a cute alley to snap some pictures. You guys go there. It's completely worth the wait.

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