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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Layering For Warmth + Linkup

cardigan // plaid shirt (size down) // white tee // jeans // scarf // purse // booties

The past few weeks LA has been hit with so many days of rain and a few sunshine days in between. Those in between days can be really cold (or at least I think), but I'm past that point of wanting to wear my coat for the millionth time. That's where layers come in. Finding new ways to layer and still look good. The formula=long sleeve, button down, and cardigan (and scarf). It's that plaid button down that really gives that extra layer of warmth. What are some creative ways you layer up?

Let's flashback to last year's look. I will say this definitely are pieces I still wear (last seen here). That poncho is still available and on major sale. You can't beat the fact that it's reversible, too.

Thank you so much for linking up! Our picks are Chichi from The Style Tune and Sarah from Trendy and Tidy!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reworking The Basics + Linkup

Jacket (size small) // top // jeans (similar) // booties (similar-UNDER $40) // hat // purse

It's probably taken all my life to finally understand how good neutrals are. But I get it. FINALLY. You end up with so many more outfits because everything goes together AND you want them in your closet a lot longer than that neon floral printed dress (was that just me?). And you want to know what's better? My flashback look is styling those exact jeans. Don't get me wrong, I still love a good print every now and then. But I know the majority of my closet will be neutrals. While I probably need to retire these booties, I do think this pair would be a great replacement for under $36. Plus, I have them in black.

Now, here's how I styled these white pants last year. There's nothing like an almost all white outfit!

Thank you for linking up with Jessica and I last week! Talk about so many great outfits! This week our picks are Karen from Lady in Violet and Chelsea from Chow Down USA

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

W3ll People Review

While I haven't been on this green beauty train very long, I have been slowly finding new brands to replace my beloved decade long favorites. This has been going at turtle pace if I'm being real. It's like breaking up with your longtime boyfriend who you wholeheartedly love and nothing is wrong, but you just know it's not going to work in the long run. Too dramatic? Maybe.

BUT after a lot of searching, I've found a brand that I feel really great about. Have you heard of W3ll People? Besides the minimal packaging (complete sucker here), they put equal focus on items being safe, non-toxic AND effective. A lot of concern with natural beauty lines is the fact of it actually going to work. Rest assured, the line is designed by an established makeup artist. It's even won a few Allure Beauty awards. Oh, and you can factor out the price. This line is reasonable ranging from $20-$30.

While I picked up three items (bronzer, universalist multi-stick, and mascara), I have just tried the mascara. It's verified safe in green beauty terms and won an Allure award, so best of both worlds. It's the perfect everyday mascara and will do another post with a full review. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blanket Cape + Linkup

Cape (it's reversible) // top (only $12) // jeans // booties (comfy low-heel)

In case you might have missed my thank you, I really appreciated all your kind and truly heartfelt words to last weeks post. In many ways, it didn't feel like it was my story, but my sister and mom's. FYI they are doing well. Things aren't over yet. We're getting there.

Now back to my usual spill. I'll be honest, I have no clue what this blanket, cape/poncho is technically called (it's on MAJOR sale for $29). BUT you will get serious compliments. Perhaps they are jealous of how warm and cozy you look. I'll take it. Anyway, it's a purchase I made last year that I wore here before and doesn't look like I'll stop wearing it anytime soon. This look was perfect for an indulgent brunch with waffles. No problem trying to hide any food babies with this cape thing. All about fashion hiding food babies.

Now let's flashback to last year's look here. Grey, plaid and tan still make my heart sing. It's been raining like crazy here, so minus the booties (not rain proof) I think I should re-wear this look asap. But back to the booties. They were recently restocked in this color. I still wear them consistently and you can wear these walking all day. Can you tell I'm all about comfy? 

Thank you so much for linking up with us! Our picks are Kim from Champagneista and Sheela from Sheela Writes! We can't wait to see your posts this week!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Easy $3 Face Mask

First, I have to say thank you for all your kind words in my last post. Part of me still can't believe I actually put that on the internet, but the other part of me is so relieved. From all this, I hope to bring some good to this little space.

Now in keeping my word about providing some clean beauty, I thought I'd get right to it. Let me say that I'm normally just an expert at pinning all the DIY's and recipes, but never make the things. So if that sounds like you too, then know that this turmeric face mask is for you. It's just 2 ingredients and takes 60 seconds to whip together if you include opening the ingredients.

If the 2 ingredients and time doesn't sell you, you'll love the benefits. Turmeric is full of antioxidants and antibacterial properties. So if your skin's glow looks like it's been in hibernation? This will take care of that!  Not that you should be concerned, but it wrinkle fighter. Oh, it's an anti-inflammatory meaning it's your BFF for acne. Basically, there's too many reasons.


  • 1 tbs Turmeric
  • 1 tbs Plain Greek Yogurt (if you're lazy and want the benefits of honey, get the one with honey)

1. Mix turmeric and yogurt in small bowl.
2. Put mixture on clean skin. I like using the spoon I mixed everything with to help keep my hands         clean.
3. Let sit for 10-15 minutes and pass the time checking that Instagram feed.
4. Wash off. Yes, your skin might be a little yellow (that or I was paranoid), but it does subside. I           also recommend doing this mask at night.

Let me know if you try this out! It's super easy and my skin looked SO good the next morning I went sans makeup.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

What's Ahead

sweater // jeans // booties // hat // purse

So I've been going back and forward with what to share and what exactly I want to keep blogging about. Truthfully, I'm not one to pour my heart out about the down right hard things in life. I mean you guys come here for fashion and to escape everyday life, right? But let me start by saying that 2016 shook me to my very core and still is effecting me now (even though I'd like to say it's not). It's changed me and my perspective. It's changed what I want to post about. So I feel like I have to start sharing right now about why you'll see some new types of posts.

The C word-otherwise know as cancer. Even now, this is hard to type. In May, my sister gave me the bone chilling news she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42. My heart sank. My world felt like it turned upside down. In the midst of dealing with my sister, two months later, we get the news my mom has early signs of breast cancer. WHAT!!! This doesn't make any sense. This isn't suppose to happen. And why? But silence. There are no answers. And then you start to wonder about yourself-your health. All three of us.

Lots of changes have been made. Let's just say we all went down a rabbit hole of learning and searching. I felt like I had to do something to prevent this. Maybe it's someway to feel in control of something that takes it all away. In no ways am I trying to preach, but it down to food and home and beauty products. Understanding the food that goes in our bodies and the products we choose to use. And that's where you'll see some changes here.

Get ready for clean beauty posts! Over the past year, I've worked on switching my beauty products and it's not always pretty. It was hard. You don't know where to start. Where do you shop? Is Sephora okay? Is the makeup I've been wearing for the last decade safe? I'm no way an expert, but don't want you to be that girl standing at Whole Foods building up a sweat over finding a new deodorant. Yup! Been there, done that! And worse, actually spending $10 on a deodorant that leaves you embarrassingly stinky. Yeah, that happened, too. So you know, I'll share the good, the bad and the smelly with you.

P.s The linkup is BACK!