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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Girl Date

With the year winding down and still in a bit of holiday mode topped with sunshine, it's just nice to enjoy these last days of the year including a little girl time with a sweet friend. There's so many parts to LA and I really don't explore some parts enough. But when a friend moves to another part of town you really have to take advantage of that. And my friend, Sarah, happens to know a lot of little gems every time I see her and she always leaves me stimulated with our talks. This time it was Sycamore Kitchen. Oh the pastries are unreal! I'm pretty jealous of how she's in walking distance from my favorite LA museum LACMA.
Fun girl dates call for dresses! This one was a Christmas present I received and love that I can wear it in this beautiful weather. It's actually by Keds. Who knew they made such cute clothes, too! My moto jacket is clearly one of my favorites in my closet is a staple every girl should have. For this outfit, it just adds some edge to the girly vibe of the dress-a combination I can't get enough of!

Is it really New Year's Eve today? How did that happen! Hope you have a safe and great time celebrating!
Outfit Deets:
Jacket: Forever 21 (similar)
Dress: Keds-on sale!
Purse: Le Mode

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Day in Black and White

After a long and glorious holiday week, I must say I really can't tell what day it is. The sun is shining and it's blue skies in LA. And I have to remind myself that it's December. And it's almost 2014. And I should do some reflecting on new goals. But it's a perfect 81 degrees out. So the weather won and I enjoyed the day with a quick trip downtown for some amazing food at Guerrilla Tacos and an in-the- moment iced coffee (I'm a rookie coffee drinker and was so jittery after) with my other half. He happens to know all the best spots which is wonderfully dangerous.

Hope you had a nice weekend! Thank you so much for reading!
Outfit Deets:
Jacket: Forever 21 (similar)
Top: Material Girl via Macys (similar)
Skort: Zara (similar)
Flats: Gap (similar)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Glad In Plaid

Hope you all had a wonderful and merry day yesterday! This LA girl had a lot of celebrating with family and some friends in 80 degree weather. I feel as I get a little older I find myself mostly glad for the company of those I love during this most wonderful time of the year. I have to say this Christmas was pretty special in so many ways. Besides being completely spoiled by my guy, it's the first Christmas where we are not doing long distance. Not having to say good byes just good nights. It's just the way I like it. And I can help but be so so excited for one of my best friends who got engaged!

Thanks for stopping by! So glad it's a short week!

Outfit Deets:
Plaid Shirt: Target
Jeans: Gap
Flats: Gap (similar)
Necklace: Le Mode

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Sparkly Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone celebrating today a very sparkly Christmas and happy holidays! I did get around to making my own wrapping paper and wanted to preserve their memory before they are enjoyed. Now I'm off for more fun holiday fun!
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Sequin Blazer

I'm trying to figure out if I'm just in a complete festive mood or I just have a full blown case of sequinitis (that could be a real thing) because I have been reaching for sequins everyday. But either way I just want to sparkle! I love down playing this blazer with a fun graphic tee and in case you're trying to figure out what my tee says it's 'I'm just here for the savasana.' It's a little ode to my love for yoga, but it's too cute not to wear it outside of the studio. 

Hope you're already enjoying some holiday festivities! I know I've been wrapping away and can't wait to show you my wrapping skills tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

Outfit Deets:
Blazer: Threadsence (similar)
Cargo pants: Bebe (similar)
Flats: Gap (similar)

Monday, December 23, 2013

2 Tops, Day to Night

Two of my favorite trends right now are plaid and sequins and paired together is even better if you ask me! After seeing this post last week I knew had to recreate it! I actually had this black sequins tank sitting in my closet for a couple of years and not really knowing what to do with it. I'm just glad I didn't put it in the giveaway pile because now I feel like I can style this tank a million and one ways (hint: you'll be seeing this top again like real soon). After being inspired to wear it for day, a little light went off in my head-these same two tops could totally work for night!
For night, just switch up the layers of the the tank and plaid shirt and voila! I opted for black skinny jeans and some extra special heels (hello gold heel!). A pencil skirt would also be a great option, but it was chilly out and this California girl is a cold weather wimp. Yes, anything below 70 degrees is cold.

Hope these tips helped! Hope you had a great weekend not doing last minute shopping!

Outfit Deets:
Plaid Shirt: Forever 21 (similar)
Tank: Aqua (similar, similar, similar)
Booties: Chinese Laundry
Heels: Dolce Vita
Belt: Le Mode

Friday, December 20, 2013


 This outfit was from the past Sunday. It was the LA Renegade Craft Fair and it worked perfectly into a surprise birthday celebration for one of my best ladies. We couldn't have had more amazing weather. Started out with a nice brunch at Little Fork and then headed to the craft fair. There was some photo booth fun, ice cream, and shopping. I had been looking forward to seeing the Threads booth and picked up some bracelets for all of us. Threads is such a great cause and it feels good to support them.

I'm officially am on holiday vacay! And it feels so nice! I just want to embrace the remaining Christmas season before it's over. The top of my list is seeing some Christmas lights and turning on a little Mariah Christmas tunes while wrapping presents! Apparently, I've been under a rock for several years because I just found out that my favorite light display hasn't been on for four years! It was a mile long light display that was pure magic and I'm a little heartbroken that it's gone. And I don't know what it is I love about wrapping presents but I genuinely love it. This year I plan on making my own wrapping paper. Hopefully, it actually happens.

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season! Yay for the weekend!

Outfit Deets:
Jacket: Forever 21
Dress: Target
Loafters: ModCloth (similar)
Purse: Le Mode (similar)
Bracelets: Threads

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Statement Coats Under $80

1, 2, 3, 4
The weather has started to get chilly here in LA and that's when I feel like buying a coat. Truthfully, it's not really that cold here and typically doesn't stay chilly for long stretches. This makes it hard for me to justify buying a coat that probably will sit in my closet about 90% of the Fall/Winter season. So finding a coat that's affordable and has a wow factor is my happy medium. I have been stalking all of these coats for sometime now. The question is which one should I get? Do you spot one that you would rock down the streets?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Plaid and Leather

Plaid just feels so right this time of year. But toss on some leather and it's just effortless! And look, I'm finally wearing different shoes. These are actually really the most comfortable booties! More comfortable than my tan booties. Anyway, this was an outfit I put together for a little unexpected date night with my favorite guy (someone got out of work early=happy girlfriend). However, trying to go to some of your favorite spots unexpectedly in LA on a Friday night doesn't work so well. So we kept it classy with some In N' Out and wine at home. It was a good night!

Outfit Deets:
Jacket: Forever 21 (similar)
Plaid Shirt: Forever 21 (similar)
Jeans: AE
Booties: Dolce Vita

Monday, December 16, 2013

Falling for Florals

A little floral is a nice change in the colder months. It's probably why I picked this skirt off the rack several weeks back. Definitely impulsive but completely worth it (how could I say no to a cute skirt that's $15!). I think the universe was looking out for me. And pair it with the striped tee from this post-were talking cute pattern mixing! Oh yes, I can see this being remixed a lot.
Hope you had a nice weekend!

Outfit Deets:
Jacket: Target (similar)
Sweater: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Scarf: Le Mode (similar)
Booties: Chinese Laundry

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Black + White

You'd probably never know but I'm wearing most of my Halloween costume here. Can you guess what I was? Good ol' bandits with the boyfriend. And I say good because we didn't steal, rob, pick pocket, etc. It was a last minute costume but I just knew that buying a black and white striped tee would be a smart decision. I'm a firm believer in making sure I can rework my costume past Halloween. Don't ask what I was like for the last 5 years. I never could think of something to rework again. So long as I have this tee, I'll probably be a good bandit for the next decade or maybe a mime! I just rambled about Halloween in December. Let's just agree that it's been a long week.
Hope you're having a great week! So close to being the weekend!
Outfit Deets:
Jacket: old H&M (similar)
Striped Tee: H&M
Pants: Blanc Jeans
Booties: Chinese Laundry
Purse: Le Mode (similar)