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Monday, December 31, 2018

My Favorite 2018 Green Beauty Buys

non toxic makeup and skincare picks

It's crazy to think not just the year being over, but how my clean beauty journey is hitting 2 whole years. While I still haven't tried a ton of new brands, I did test a few new products and from all that testing I found products that reach for continuously all year that I wanted to share with you. And if you can't tell from above, I'm going to need to be restocking a few of these. If you're thinking of switching out your makeup to cleaner brands (or just keeping your options open), I would say this is post I wish I would have read when I was transitioning. So here are old and new favorites I cannot live without:

1. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Water Foundation

While I have been a 100% Pure fan for a long time, I never could find a foundation I had that "Ahh-ha" moment. That is until they came out with their Water Foundation this year. It gives enough coverage, but leaves a light, dewy girl you're glowing finish. It's one of those foundations that makes you wonder how you lived without this stuff. 

2. DERMA E Radiant Glow Oil

With oils being all the rage, I definitely tried one or two here and there. I never really gave one a chance, but with so many ways the Radiant Glow Oil can be used I got hooked. It's affordable. It's generous in size. It's a do it all-add it to foundation, use it in your hair, use it as a body moisturizer. I have been simultaneously been using it with my W3ll People Bio Tint (that'll be #3). It does have mica, which gives it a shimmer, but promise you won't end up looking like a glitter fest.

3. W3ll People Bio Tint

For those everyday looks, I'm all about this tinted moisturizer packed with zinc oxide sunscreen. I mix in 2-3 drops of Radiant Glow Oil and apply with a brush for a flawless application. I have every intention of repurchasing this one.

4. Honest Beauty Mascara

There was a ton of hype when this came out and even more hype when they rebranded/relaunched. Truthfully, I debated countless trips to Target over this one. And if you can't tell I already had a favorite mascara. Well, I found out I can have more than one favorite mascara. Totally not a bad thing, right? This has a two step application to give you some volume. One side is a primer and the other side is mascara. While I always want the best lashes, I don't have enough time to use this everyday, so it's my evening and weekend mascara.

5. W3ll People Expressionist Mascara

One of my very first green beauty products and still a favorite. I actually think my love for this mascara has grown. From the wand to the formula, it's just the perfect extra something, something for daytime lashes.

6. W3ll People Bio Bronzer Powder

Okay, okay I clearly have A LOT of W3ll People favorites. They haven't disappointed and you just can't beat how clean the ingredients are. They are also EWG verified and rank 0-3 in the Think Dirty app. But now back to this bronzer. You won't catch me without it and has lasted over a year-so it's gotten it's money's worth. They came out with a baked bronzer that I'm going to be testing soon. 

Let me know if you have any questions about these items or have a favorite green beauty product you couldn't live without! Here's to a cleaner 2019!