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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Flashback Fashion Friday's Linkup #19

Yay for Friday! I hope you are doing something waaayy more exciting than I am like dressing up. I'm dog sitting and think I should at least pick up some candy. Isn't so funny how Halloween lands on a Saturday and we have zero plans? Are our friends having a party and not inviting? Not to sound like I'm not in the spirit of Halloween, but I'm kinda okay just staying in with the dogs and that bag of candy. Here's to hoping we don't get any invites. Because really we means I usually have to go out and figure out the bf and my costumes if we get any sudden invites. And clearly this has nothing to do with this outfit-ha! But it's an outfit I have been meaning to post since these are some of my favorites!

Now, lets flashback to last years post here. This probably is one look I could wear over and over. That top is just too pretty and a go-to when I have a don't know what to wear kinda days.
Thank you SO much for linking up with Jessica and I each and every week! We love seeing all your great style!

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Good Necklace

grey dress (local boutique) // pendent necklace c/o Happiness Boutique // lace up flats

One of the main reasons I picked up this dress is because I can have endless options of styling it. Oh, and it's one of those dresses that hide any food baby's. What can I say-I look forward to a good brunch on the weekend! But when I got this pretty necklace I knew this dress would go perfectly with it! I had never shopped with Happiness Boutique before and being that the price is under $20 on this necklace my expectation was not too high. Then it came and wowed me! My mom saw it on me and basically took it off my neck. Anyway, I wore this look to dinner at my best friend's for a little girl time. She just got engaged and guess who's going to be maid-of-honor? ME! You don't even know how excited I am! We grew up together since we were 5 and am beyond happy for her! But if someone has any tips to being a maid-of-honor send them my way. #IdontknowwhatIamdoing

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Flashback Fashion Friday's Linkup #18

lace up dress // purse // booties // hat (old, love this)

Can't stop. Won't stop with the dresses! And I might just be wearing this dress as I type. Guess that does make me obsessed, but I would call it a good return per wear. I'm already planning the different ways I can wear it. Perhaps, when I finally find those OTK boots, it would be amazing with this dress. 

Now, let's flashback to last year outfit. Both this top and skirt are still one of my favorites. I have been waiting to wear this skirt again, but forgot till now. Opps! Anyway, definitely wearing to work next week.
Thank SO much for linking up with Jessica and I! We hope you'll join in again today!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

OTK Boots for Every Budget

If there's one thing that's going to be BIG for Fall, it's the over the knee boot. It was all over the place last year but really only available at the price where you might have to sell your first born. This year is a lot different. Ladies, get ready to cover those knees in the most stylish way, because there are options. Don't get me wrong if I could take the plunge on those Stewart Weitzmann pair, I would. But again right now I would have to sell my first born and my other half probably wouldn't go for that. Anyway, I'm really curious about the Aldo version and making a point to head to the store to try them on. If they stay up, I'm thinking it's a great option. Otherwise, trying the Choices pair would be a good alternative at a steal! I also found these and are under $50. They come in 3 colors too.

Have you found a pair of OTK boots?

P.s. In other shoe news, Sole Society is having another sample sale. This week. Like Friday. Yeah, I've had my weeks mixed up so I'm barely telling you this. If you're in the LA area, it's from 10-4. I would get there early. Last time, it was INSANE. What shoes do to women is crazy! It should be a lot of items from August and September-so booties! Prices are going to start at $20. Hope to see ya there!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dress Girl


If there's one thing I can never pass up, it's dresses. Whether it's a formal occasion or not, my go-to is a good dress. So with plans to go wine tasting the past weekend, it gave me a good reason to pick this paisley dress up. But unfortunately my friend came down with the stomach flu and that trip got canceled real fast. Not going to lie, I was and still am a bit bummed. I really really love heading to wine country! But hey I still got this dress and it has pockets guys! #easilydistracted Now, let's talk about these booties because they are my current favorite booties. They come in several colors but the taupe and navy were restocked a few weeks back. I passed them up earlier, but really regretted it. Restocking rarely happens at Sole Society and when it does it can take months....MONTHS without those amazing shoes you CAN NOT stop thinking about! As far as sizing goes, I really would do a half size up, but they are a great pair that go with everything. I've been wearing them non-stop!

How was your weekend?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Flashback Fashion Friday's Linkup #17

Sometimes you need to give things a second chance or just a chance at all. But mustard the color or the condiment have never been my thing. The color mustard just takes me back...like waaayyy back to those middle school years and you were forced into wearing a mustard tshirt for P.E. Let me tell ya, that is not a pretty look. That sweaty red like a tomato in mustard yellow has haunted me since.  But, yes, you do mustard in a delicate floral and guess who has a change of heart. #raiseshand Now maybe I'll go give the condiment a try, but if there's one thing I can't get enough of it's this top. It was perfect for my date with Jessica last weekend. So ladies sometimes you just have to give things another chance, you know for fashions sake;)

Now, let's flashback to last year. I have to say this one is a pretty special one. It's from my good friend's wedding when I was a bridesmaid. It's hard to believe it was a year ago!
Now, it's time for you to link up with us! We love seeing each and every one of your posts!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Craving Lately: Wine

Sure Fall is all about darker hues and while I wish I could say that's my inspiration, but I've got wine on my mind for several reasons. On Sunday we are heading to wine country and even better the bf is seriously  convinced we need to go to Italy for a wine/pizza/pasta trip. You don't even know how my itch to visit Italy again is in full force. But until then wearing this beautiful color of wine might be good in the meantime. 

What color are you craving?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's Sale Time!

It's got to be one of best words you can hear-SALE! Right now, I'm kinda kicking myself because I just picked up this dress yesterday. But this is the perfect time to pick up some staples for Fall all on sale during the Shopbop sale going on now till the 15th. Just use code INTHEFAM25 for 25% off. Whether is faux leather skirts, cute booties, or great jeans that hold shape, I'm scooping up pieces that can be worn on repeat!

What are you looking to pick up?

Monday, October 12, 2015

Pretending It's Fall

shirt dress (under $40) // jean jacket // crossbody (similar) // suede booties (run 1/2 size small)

There's this part of me that really wants to wear sweaters and cozy scarfs and sup on a nice hot chai and feel that crisp air, but I guess that memo hasn't been received by mother nature in LA. So what's a girl to do? She finds a cute dress in a pretty rust color because that's as close to Fall dressing as we are going to get. Okay, you also toss on a jean jacket for the fashion's sake and you pretend it's a nice 70 degees not 90ish. One day it'll happen. One day...

On another note, I've been testing out my Sapphire curing wand and used the pearl wand to get these curls. I have to say that if your looking to get more even shaped curls without that much effort that will do it. It's even better than the wand I used in this post. Well you know for those hair challenged.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Flashback Fashion Friday's Linkup #16

Not sure where my brain is this week, but you toss in the fact that I fly by the seat of my pants and throw in a concert that's been booked for months now and realize that you forgot to edit your pictures. #badblogger So here's a peek at a look that I totally planned on sharing because this is by far one of my favorite dresses (last seen here) and now on sale (Yay!). It definitely has a Summer vibe, but my favorite new flats help transition the look for Fall. And seriously these flats are SO comfortable! It's like you're walking on a cloud. You can see how I styled them here too.

Now, let's flashback to last year's look. It's still has some girly vibes, but definitely edgier. I've been waiting for it too cool down a tad to pull this skirt out again.

Now it's your turn to join the fun! Jessica and I go through each post and love see all your looks!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Easy Beach Waves with Irresistible Me

I'll be the first to admit, I cannot curl my hair to save my life. Well that is until I tried this new curling wand from Irresistible Me. I picked out the Sapphire 8 in 1 complete curling wand because I had no clue which size wand would work. Since it comes with 8 different size wands that are detachable, I figured one of them was bound to work, riiight? Turns out the first one I picked worked (as seen in the first picture). You don't even know how happy this made me! Now speaking for all you ladies who either have zero luck curling your hair and or have really thick hair, this is your answer to your prayers. My curls not only held up without any hairspray, but lasted (don't cringe) a whole week. I'm a firm believer in dry shampoo. I'm really excited to try the other size wands and will report back. And a big thank you to my friend/photographer who was willing to sit in a cramped bathroom for an hour to take these pictures. Our relationship has been taken to a whole new level.