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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sporty Vibes + Linkup

le motto tee c/o // white jeans // moto jacket (old) // sneakers

You might not guess it, but I'm not that sporty. Don't follow sports. Not a fan of any team. Sure, I played Volleyball in high school. But I mainly picked that because it didn't require a lot of running and it was inside. And one thing that took me forever to buy were those sneakers. After slipping those baby's on, my feet would really like to know why I resisted them for sooo long. They are so comfy and perfect for traveling or lots of walking. Practically walking on air. And how else do you finish a sporty look? You find a good positive graphic tshirt. This one's from Le Motto and is part of their empowerment campaign where a portion of sales is donated.

Let's flashback to last year's look here. My boho vibe last Summer was really strong and still do love this dress. Maybe it's the off-the-shoulder thing. But I know I'll pull this out at least once this Summer.
Thank you for linking up with Jessica and I! We decided we would start featuring our two favorite looks from the previous week.

This week we are featuring Erin from Happily Howards and Kristina from The Kontemporary. Both of us are HUGE fans of the off-the-shoulder trend and loved these two! 

Have a great long weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Eyelet Top + Linkup

top-brandy melville (love this one  and this too) // shorts - AE // espadrilles-soludos // purse - sole society

As you might have seen on Snapchat (username: AdriLately), it was my birthday Wednesday. Yessss, it involved a whole lot of eating. But it's been my excuse to pick up a few birthday presents to myself. It's a sure way to not be disappointed. This eyelet top was one I would pass by on my drive to work and finally caved because 'hi' scallops AND eyelet! Oh, it happened to be $30. But there's a huge but. It's one size and definitely would say it's small. And because I'm addicted to eyelet right now this one is another eyelet top I ordered. It's on sale too. 

Now it's time to flashback to last year. It was a year ago I found the perfect white jeans and still so happy I did. And I guess you can say the Summer months bring out my love for eyelet. You can see the full look here.
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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Gem + Linkup

At the end the of the day, I will forever be a California girl. And as we get closer and closer to those extra toasty days, my craving to explore more of this great state heightens. The best way to see things is a road trip of course. One of my favorite drives is up the coast to Santa Barbara and wine country. But the more and more we (boyfriend and I) visit the more we are eager to find those hidden gems. We ended up stopping by La Purisima Mission in Lompoc.  Even thought it should be a little warmer, it's still cool (okay cold if you're me) and gives me the opportunity to bring some layers-my moto jacket and cozy scarf. This neutral scarf is from Garnet Hill and super soft. The kind you want to wrap yourself in on a long drive or even a plane ride. It's definitely a splurge, but the quality and neutral colors make it a staple (one this cold girl will wear all year long). Do you have any special activities you do during the Summer months?

Let's flashback to last year's look here. If there's one thing I don't regret buying, it's those white jeans. And how can I get those locks to look that great everyday?
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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Keeping It Positive

shirt c/o le motto // jeans // flats (old) // jacket (old)

Fun fact-I'm a big fan of collecting motivational quotes! There is a power in words and I always find myself on the lookout for new quotes that inspire me. Let's face it life isn't always a piece of cake. But when things get tough I turn to my favorite quotes to power through. So when Le Motto asked me to style up a new collection of their motivational shirts, I jumped right in. Rather than just keeping these quotes to myself it's a great way to walk around spreading some positivity. And this is just the first of three looks! 

Make sure to stop by Le Motto for more amazing good vibe shirts! The shirt I'm wearing just launched today for their new #ActuallySheCan campaign.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Best Light-Scented Perfumes

Okay, I lied. I'm wearing these perfumes. But I'm the type of person who can't stand wearing a perfume that e v e r y o n e else is wearing.  So I'm always on the hunt for a new scent that's well under the radar.
Prada 'Les Infusions d'Iris' - it's a light and powdery scent that I keep going back to. The only other person I've smelled it on is my sister, but that's because she bought it immediately after she smelled it on me. It's definitely a splurge that's worth it. I have no issues with it lasting all day!

Urban Outfitters Macaron Rose - well of course it smells like rose! Except it's muted by a slightly sweet, almost airy scent. It's the perfect balance to not becoming overly rosey. Not only is it great on the nose and easy on the eyes, it comes at a steal of under $20. I do find that I have to add a little vaseline to the spots I spray so it lasts longer, but price outways the lasting power.

 Jimmy Choo Flash - Okay, I'm addicted to this stuff! People will stop you and ask what you are wearing. And you will just want to keep smelling yourself. Maybe it's the hints of jasmine (LOVE), but it's somewhat powdery. The combination is SO GOOD! I think I'll just go spray myself now.

Do you have a favorite underrated light perfume?