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Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Transitions

If there's one thing I can never get enough of, it's florals. It is Spring and all. You can consider yourself warned that there will be a lot more florals around here. To be honest the second I saw the dress version on Tara, I just couldn't get the print out of my head. I went for the top since it's more practical for work to weekend. It's my first purchase from Banana Republic and I have to say the quality is on point. The minute it arrived I put it right on. I know it will easily work into the fall with black jeans. Banana is currently have 40%+ free 2 day shipping with code HAPPY, but it ends tonight.

Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend! Mine involved the beach, wine, and ice cream (not all at once though).

xo Adri

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

One Dress, Two Ways

work look: blazer, handbag, pumps // weekend look: jean jacket, crossbody, sandals
If there is one thing always on my list for Spring, it's a cute dress and this abstract shift caught my eye. Not going to lie, does make me want to be on vacation. But since I can't be on vacation all the time I put two looks together for my real life. My easiest fashion formula for the office is adding structure, structure, structure. A black blazer, structured handbag, and classic pump really balance out the ease of the dress to create a professional look with style. Now for the second look, my favorite part of the week, it's all about easy style. While it still might be a little chilly for Spring, a jean jacket is a must period and great to add a casual vibe. Add a great little crossbody bag and some cute sandals and it's perfect for running errands to brunching with the girls. 

What's your favorite way to remix a dress?

xo Adri

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


So it's time for a little real talk today. It's really hard not to be all about the accessories when you work for an accessory company. I mean I basically looked at these stunning heels all day, couldn't wait own these tropical flats, and said hello the cutest clutch. Oh the list is looong! Sometimes it's not a complaint at all. I love shoes and bags! But, yes there is a but, it can become overwhelming to get caught up in the newest, the latest, need to have it now. The overwhelm to snatch up today's favorite when knowing tomorrow might come an even better favorite and have that cycle repeat the next day. I guess you can say there has been a bit of a battle between scooping up the new when truthfully I have plenty in my closet (part of me can't believe I'm admitting that). But then there's this ol' fashion blog that I have and providing you some awesome outfits. Don't get me wrong I totally love doing that, but I also don't want to create that overwhelm for you too. I guess you can say I've been doing a lot of reflecting and trying to come up some inspiring posts that bring fashion without the overwhelm. Does anyone else ever feel that pressure?

xo Adri
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

All White

So if you know what the Cream event is you might start getting suspicious. It is a wedding planning event.
Is someone getting married? Nope. Am I wedding planner? Nope, again. But if you want to know some facts here you go:
1. If it sounds cool, I'll say yes.
2. If it's open bar, that's a big YES!
3. If there's free food, sign me up.
4. There's good photo backdrops for outfit picks, heck yeah!
5. There's a goodie bag! No questions asked I will be there!

So I guess you can say I love free and cute and tasty! If you get a chance to go, it's a fun time. Besides all the free things, there's photobooths, flower bouquet making (a lot harder than it looks), and live music. This year they encouraged us to wear cream or white, which honestly made getting dressed easier. This white dress isn't online, but here are a few favorites that I need want.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Natural 5 Minute Face with Glo Minerals

 When it comes to makeup, I'm all about quick and natural. Don't get me wrong, I want to look put together and look my best. But this girl doesn't have much time Monday-Friday and I literally only have about 5 minutes for makeup. Enter Glo Minerals and boom a new spin on my 5 minute natural makeup look. It's light, very natural, and the perfect day look.
 I started with my eyes using the Eye Shadow Trio in Sandstone. Then, I lined my top lids with black eyeliner.
 If there's one thing you will never catch me with out, it's bronzer. A big swirl and applied to the apples of the check and along the cheek bones. This Glo Mineral Bronzer in Sunkiss added a natural summer like glow that I love!

Then it's lips! I applied their lipstick in Spark and then layered it with their gloss in Delight. It's the perfect coral lip combo!

All done! Hope you enjoyed this easy and natural makeup look!

Have a great start to your week!

Monday, March 2, 2015

New Routine

How was you weekend? I know I've been a little MIA around here, but it's been for good reason. I never really talk fitness around here and to be honest these were taken after eating a delicious grilled cheese with some lady friends, but I've committed myself to doing yoga for 40 days straight. While I'm not a gym goer, yoga is my jam (okay, it's just my exercise of choice). But between working full time an hour from home and early mornings I really put yoga at the back burner. After work and a long drive home, home just sounds a-m-a-z-i-n-g. So when I started to hear about people's things for Lent, I jumped on it-40 days of yoga here I come! As I type, it's day 12 and the past two have been tough mentally. I've been soar just about everrrry day. My hope is not just to challenge myself in completing the 40 days, but to make excising a serious constant in my life. Oh, and if I look a little firmer physically I won't be mad about it. 

P.s. Anyone else super addicted to TJ Maxx lately? I always find the cutest tops like this one!

xo Adri