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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Favorites

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It's crazy to think we are already at the last day of May! Don't get me wrong-I'm completely excited for Summer and more reasons to visit the beach. But time just seems like it's speeding by! May brought some warmer days and gave me a taste of Summer. Well except for a few days like the one above. In those cooler days, it still let me wear my favorite color combination-grey and blush. Something I'm sure I'll have to remember for those gloomy June days.

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And heyyy bare shoulder season! This month allowed me to rekindle my love for off-the-shoulder tops when the temps were in the upper 70's and 80's. 

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But by far, this dress was hands down favorite look! It still gives me all the feels! Don't be surprised if you see this pretty number in the month to come.

Hope you had a nice long weekend! Anyone do anything fun? We took a drive to Santa Barbara and wine country. Oh, and there was a significant amount of shopping.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bundled in the City + Linkup

h&m scarf // crossbody bag // jeans // booties

You know what happens when you take a 36 hour trip to San Francisco over the weekend? You basically don't have time to get any blogging in. I did squeeze in a few pictures. And if you saw on Snapchat you knew I ate a whole lot and I was cold. However, I did get to pull out my favorite scarf and not look completely crazy wearing it in May. And you guys I know I've talked about this purse before, but it's my absolute favorite. The size and shape make it great for everyday or even traveling.  

Now let's flashback to last years look here. Let's just say I'm ready to pull out this top again this Summer! And woah was my hair long! 
Hope you have a great long weekend! Thanks for linking up with Jessica and I!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Blush + Linkup

purse // perfume (Macaron Rose) // top

Okay, it's been one of those weeks (maybe two) where getting enough blog pictures is impossible. Things get canceled, cars have problems, and then there's more assignments handed to you at work-you know life. But it's teaching me that sometimes you just have to focus on what's going right and to be a little flexible. Speaking of good, these pretty blush pieces at least have me distracted in the time being. Oh, and I've been obsessed with that perfume for sometime. Besides smelling amazing, it's under $20 and the packaging is easy on the eyes. 

Thanks you for linking up with Jessica and I each week! We love see all your style posts and drawing inspiration from you! Here's a look at my outfit from last year. Still love each of these pieces!
Psst...I'm headed to San Francisco on Saturday. I've been there many times, but would love to find new must eat places. So make sure to share! My stomach will thank you later:)

7 Neckerchief Scarves (that aren't western looking)

You guys ever since wearing this outfit I've become obsessed with neckerchief scarves! By the way, I just learned the official term in the process and thought I'd share (now go tell your friends!). The main reason I shied away from them is because they all looked western and parading around like a cowgirl wasn't my idea of cute. Clearly that all changed when I found a neckerchief scarf that was not red or paisley. Turns out, there's plenty of options and I pulled together my favorite 7 in case you also don't want to look like a cowgirl.

Monday, May 16, 2016


Off the shoulder top (size PXS; worn backwards because I'm a fashion rebel) // jeans // neck scarf // purse // espadrilles // aviators

Let's talk trends for a sec. 

I'm sure you've noticed the whole handkerchief scarf exploding. 

Initially, I wasn't sure if it even made sense. Was it too western? Trying to be French? Can I even pull it off? 

And I refrained. And refrained a little more. 

But then I stumbled upon this mixed print scarf handky (does anyone know the fashion term?) and knew I had to try it. There was no signs of anything western with the print-it was my best shot!

Mind you it did sit in my closet a few weeks and you know what? After wearing it once, I haven't turned back. Okay, it's only been two times. 

And one of those times was with Jessica for our blogger date. Clearly, she would understand my handky.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Off The Shoulder Tops + Linkup

Okay, so if I had taken pictures this past weekend you would have realized I'm obsessed with off the shoulder tops (really anything OTS). But if there's one style I'm glad to see be a huge hit again this year is this one! It's a little flirty and just puts me in the mood for Summer fun. I've found so many OTS tops that I'm ready to add to my closet on top of the one's I have and just bought (this and this). How many is too many? (don't answer that) Here's what's on my radar:

And can we just call this a two-fer? This look was a outfit from last year, so we technically can say it's a flashback, riight? Yessss! Make sure to link up below!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blush & Grey + Linkup

pink jacket (size xs) // grey tshirt (size s) // grey jeans // booties // aviators

So the perks of working in a part of the office that just seems like a full on freezer is wearing outfits like this-jacket, long sleeve, and booties. Not going to lie, but I'm sure those other days (ehhmm today) when I wear a huge scarf I'm getting stares. But, in a place like LA where the warm temperatures are far from scarce, it's nice to be able to finally use jackets and long sleeves on a more consistent basis. Last Fall, I actually got this jacket in oxblood and loved it so much I picked it up in blush. My natural instinct was to pair it with grey everrrything. Next on the list is white. I can tell this jacket was a good idea.

Now, let's flashback to last year's look here. Probably one of the best purchases are those joggers! They are so comfy and have the right weight. They were a splurge, but I know they will be worn for years!
Thank you so much for linking up with Jessica and I each week! We get so much inspiration seeing all your posts and outfits.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Off-The-Shoulder Season

floral dress (size xs) // espadrilles (similar) // cognac purse // aviators

You guys I have officially can say I cannot resist off-the-shoulder anything and dresses! It's my weakness. But how's a girl to say no when a dress gives you all the feels? You simply don't. And in my defense I snatched this up for Costa Rica. Pictures never happened-opps! So instead I put on this floral number and headed to brunch with a friend. It's the right thing to do. #anythingforbrunch

And because I'm crazy for off-the-shoulder dresses and think you should get one so we can go have brunch to be all matchy matchy, here's a bunch that caught my eye and heart.