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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

What I Learned At the Simply LA Conference

blog and influencer marketing tips

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen I went to the Simply LA conference two weekends ago. While I got super lucky with winning tickets the last minute, I wanted to pass along the information I got to those who couldn't make it. If you're wondering what it's all about, it's a conference for influencers/bloggers and those who work with influencers/bloggers. I actually fall into both, so you can just imagine how much I geek out at these things! There are two tracks and I did half and half because I won two tickets. Personally, I found the marketing track to be more helpful when you've been working/blogging for sometime.

From the Influencer track, I sat in on two panels-one on increasing engagement and one on working with brands. Here are my take aways:

-Being consistent + being real = growth
-Don't expect overnight success (a little obvious, but good reminder)
-Do it because you love it (on what you blog about)
-Break down your big goal into short term goals and break those into micro goals (advice that came from Sazan who seems to know what she's talking about)
-Ask yourself "What would your audience actually want?" when posting on social or planning content
-They found the more personal milestones they shared, the more growth they experienced (moving, having a baby, etc.)
-Reach out to a brand a week just to introduce yourself with your media kit and content you featured them in
-If a brand throws out a number, it's not their best offer. You should negotiate reasons why you are worth more.

From the Marketing track, I might have seen 3-4 panels and really loved all the women they had on the panels. We're talking women behind WhoWhatWear, Ban.do, Revolve. Even if you are only creating content, I find it helpful to understand what brands are talking and doing. It's all good information. Here's my key take aways:

-Have fun and explore making content engaging
-More planning out allows you to add in live, in-the-moment content when it comes to InstaStories
-People want to be part of the brand. Brands should talk to followers as their friends.
-Make your community #1! Asking for community feedback. What do you like, hate and how can we make it better?
-Regramming re-enforces the behavior.
-Brands are understanding that micro-influencers here so important. They interesting thing is they had different ideas about the size of micro-influencers. One person said it's 5K-50K, but collectively they said 50K-100K is a micro-influencer.

Truly, my favorite part of the event was the networking possibilities. The panelists were extremely nice about staying afterwards to answer any of your questions. Overall, I love hearing the latest news in this area. Hopefully, this helps you! Feel free to ask me any questions.

Thursday, August 16, 2018


top (size 00) // jeans // sandals // sunglasses

As I stand here (my current place in life), I can stay this is what I longed for and it's a good place to be in. Is it perfect? No, but there is a lot of good and for that I'm grateful. The funny thing is during that time that I was longing for presently, I can't help but realize how I miss that period too. That period that was somewhat mundane and rocky. It is where I learned so much about simplifying how I filled my time. I took time for myself and developed myself from within. As I reflect back, it's so much of the simple things in life that really are what fill us up. It's not our status. It's not our jobs. It's not our titles. And now that I have less time, I still tap into that time where I learned so much about who I am and making time to keep developing myself in ways that truly satisfy myself. Sometimes I think all that's going on in my mind stays there. But then I have these images staring back at me with an outfit that reflects exactly my mental state. 

Are there times where you unintentionally have outfits that match what's going on mentally?

Monday, August 6, 2018

Madewell Try-on: Late Summer

I'll start by prefacing this and say this try-on is all tops. What can I say? All the tops were calling me. While Madewell is calling these arrivals Fall (or at least that's what the associate told me), I say these have a lot of summer vibes. And I know that Fall here in LA is basically hot, these might not work so well for colder areas. Since I mostly live in jeans and tops, these arrivals were refreshing and will hold me off until the real Fall arrivals launch. I'll wait patiently Madewell. You have me wrapped around your little finger. 

Embroidered Zephyr Ruffle-Sleeve Top $98 // Wearing XXS

The second I saw this online, I knew I had to try it on and possibly own it. I'm more impressed by the embroidery in person. It is semi sheer and comes with a cami underneath, which makes it perfect to wear to work. The fit is oversized and would size down in this. I had plenty of room and found it look cuter tucked in the front. While it's not silk (even if it says so online), I do think it's a little much for polyester.

Alto Scoop Tee in Montoya Stripe $35 (NOW: $19.99) // Wearing XXS

Here they go again making another fun color stripe tee! These sherbet resembling colors scream well ice cream on a warm summer night. They didn't have an XS, which I would need, so tried on the XXS. It was too tight in the arms, so definitely would go with your bigger size. Now that I think of it, I probably should have tried the small for a more slouchy look. 

Ruffle-Hem Wrap Top $69.50 // Wearing XXS

Normally, I find any of their wrap styles to be small in the waist. Not this top. I went with my smaller size and found it to be just right. It does have a snap closure, which is perfectly positioned and keeps the girls covered. The material is really fun with the embroidered color threads. While I don't have a large chest, I do think the V is too low for work. You might need a lace bandeau.

Texture & Thread Ruffle Tie-Front Tank in Stripe $45 (NOW: $14.99) // Wearing XS

Not going to lie, I had zero intention of every liking this top. It looks a lot like this top from my last post. Then, I actually put it on-loved it! It also comes in a white version, but clearly I'm on a stripes kick. For this Texture & Thread line, I tend to wear my bigger size and held true with this top. It does run a bit shorter, so would have to wear mid-to-high-rise bottoms. The back is just as adorable, too!

Square Neck Top $65 (NOW $29.99) // Wearing XXS

Oh, gosh! This was a complete miss. The fabric is very stiff, think bed sheets. While I do appreciate oversized tops, this was just a tent on me. Perhaps if you're expecting this might work early on, but the combination of stiff fabric and too much fabric didn't work. 

Hope you enjoyed these! Be on the look out for more try-on's!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Madewell Girl

madewell stripe tank, perfect summer jeans

pastel stripe tank, light blue mom jeans

cute stripe tank, light washed jeans

stripe tank with rufflesgirly stripe tank, light high waisted jeans

top (size xs) // jeans (size 25) // sandals // purse // sunglasses

To say the past month has been nothing but go-go-go would be nothing short of the truth. After having work weekends back to back, it was nice to enjoy slowing down and really soaking in the ease of Saturday. Truth is, I'm a morning person by nature and love getting up to go out for a fancy matcha or brunch. I figured it also a good excuse to catch up Jessica, do what we do best-pictures and chatting (and eating). 

I'm usually a creature of habit with my brunch spots, but we ventured out to Echo Park, a hot spot right before downtown, to a place called Ostrich Farm. It's really charming and by that I mean make reservations. The dishes were very flavorful and one of those special spots you take someone you're trying to impress. 

While we all know my mad love for some Madewell, I never thought I would have a full head-to-toe look going. But I finally embraced their jeans into my closet and can tell this is a slippery slope I'm going down. I love the look of "mom jeans" on others, but with my short torso it's not easy to find the most flattering pair. These light wash pair are more relaxed, the perfect entry pair. 

Are you a mom jean lover? Let me know your faves because I may or may not need more in my life ;)