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Don’t know what to wear or buy? Wear the same thing over and over? Is your closet filled with the same things? Or do you have pieces you just don’t know how to wear? Put an end to those countless days of standing in front of your closet not having a thing to wear (unless you didn't do your laundry)! Let me help you build a wardrobe that you love!

Are you standing in front of your closet every morning thinking you’ve got nothing to wear only there’s a closet of clothes staring back at you? Let’s end that with a 30 minute online session to plan your weekly outfits.

Have a wedding or a vacation coming up? Don’t fret! No matter what the occasion, I can work with you to find the right look or make sure you don’t try to pack your whole closet for that trip.
Pricing starting at $75

Too many clothes and yet you keep wearing the same pieces? Learn what’s working, how to maximize what you have, and fill in those gaps. Don’t worry this won’t turn into a major trashing of your closet. Pinky promise!
Pricing starting at $150

So you need some new outfits but malls and shopping is something you avoid like the plague-no need to do it alone! If you’re in the LA area, let’s grab some coffee and hit the stores.  Not local?  No problem.  Online shopping is available.
Pricing starting at $150

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