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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Splurge or Save

Believe me I'm an avid online shopper or browser (let's be real) and I've come across some amazing pieces for Summer. From that research, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for look-a-likes that are good on the wallet. These are a couple that I found and the save versions are seriously too good to pass up! Would you pick up the save version?

Happy almost Friday!

P.s. Thank you for all the sweet and encouraging comments to yesterday's post! It's the best!


  1. cool post idea! love the two different options for price points!

  2. Loving the dolce vita alternative! thanks for sharing -x-

  3. I can't believe how cute the Foreever 21 skirt is!! Looks just like mara hoffman! I love wearing prints so this is definitely something I should purchase!


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