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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

My Favorite Natural Face Masks

organic face masks review

When it comes to taking care my skin, I'm all about a good face mask. It's an easy way to up level your skincare regime and see the benefits right away (if you have the right face mask). But hey I'm all about them being the solution to any of lifes problems. I think of it as the healthier option to happy hour. Over the past few months, I've been obsessively trying new face masks. I may have wanted to see what all the hype was, but after sorting through the hits and misses I've found 3 natural face mask I use on a weekly rotation.

natural face mask guide

Svati Organics Radiant Pink Clay Mask

Not only is Svati Organics using high quality ingredients that are safe, but it's woman founded with the mission to help send orphaned girls in India to school. The brand launched this year, but was one of the first mask that got me hooked. It isn't called Radiant for no reason. You'll find a mix of Moroccan lava clay, French Pink Clay, Hibiscus and Rosehip. It's a generous portion packaged in a sophisticated black glass jar. For a real treat, I mix the mask with serum to take it to the next level.

Cocokind Organic Chlorophyll Mask

Well this isn't the first time I talk about Cocokind (see here), it's budget-friendly, clean, and delivers. Anytime my skin seems off or I need to detox after a weekend of indulging, this is my face's best friend. If you're a green tea lover like myself, you'll want smell this all the time! It's made with Spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorohyll and ylang ylang. Depending on how much TLC your skin needs, you can add more powder and less water. Basically, you want a thicker mask for more blemishes/breakouts. I'll use this nightly until my skin clears up, which is usually 2-3 days. 

Be Pure Beauty Theo Skin Balancing Face Wash + Mask

If you're looking for that natural glow, this mask won't let you down. It's a 2-in-1 item, either face wash or mask--total win! As a mask, you'll see you skin look revived and perked up. While it's not vegan, it contains honey. You will find it packed with 7 antioxidants-cacao, coconut milk, Moroccan red clay, honey, basil, elderberry and vanilla. And yes, you might want to eat this. It smells mostly like chocolate. If some of it accidentally ends up in your mouth, you'll be happy to know it's safe to eat ;) 

Are you into face masks? Let me know your favorite.

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