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Thursday, July 12, 2018

The One Thing I Still Wear from the #NSale

top (black version) // jeans // shoes c/o // purse

Half of me loves the concept of the Nordstrom Sale. Half of me wants nothing to do with it. Maybe it's the overload of every fashion blogger sharing all their picks (only all the picks are the same). Then there's that part of me that really loves getting new clothes ON SALE! Last year, I felt the pressure to give it a try, like seriously try to make an effort to create content around it. It was, also, my very first Anniversary sale, so maybe I would just be open about it and might like it. You don't know if you never try, right? It's the optimism in me. Since I was working by a Nordstrom, I figured it wasn't inconvenient to drop by before work and check it out. And it was convenient because no one is up driving even those typically congested areas of LA. I even got there so early that I could grab an iced honey latte and make sure I had all my picks to look for when I was in store. 

Then it was time and those doors opened. Me and all the seasoned shoppers eagerly made our way in. I basically had bee lined straight to the Madewell section. Hello, Madewell on sale before it hits anywhere else. It felt so exclusive. I picked up several pieces that seemed to be deals. Then, I found a couple of other staple pieces, including these jeans I'm wearing. While I didn't think much of them at the time (other than I'm getting them on sale), they were an immediate yes after I tried them on. 

Fast forward to this year, the only thing I actually got my money worth on were these jeans. Six pieces and only one was worth it. That left a bitter taste that I can't exactly shake this time around. I was a newbie to it, so maybe I did it wrong? But once I got to that Madewell section the adrenaline took over and I grabbed more than normal because it will sell out. Plus, I had to do it for the content and the potential for affiliate commissions. Yeah, I fell into that trap.

After all the dust settled, I was hit with another blow. No, it wasn't the low commissions or not all the items selling out. It was the feeling I was duped. The Madewell items I thought I was getting to shop early never made it to the actual Madewell stores. I kept waiting and waiting for the tees and the dress I got to be apart of their Fall collection. So so wrong. Were these pieces just outlet? Did I miss the memo? 

While I kept a slim opening to consider shopping the sale this year, it looks as though I'm not shopping it early. I know myself well and don't want to put myself in a situation where I end up buying things because they are on sale and will sell out. For those that have more self control, I say go for it! This year I'm going to sit it out until it opens up to the public. 

BUT it's still linkup time! Our picks from last week's link up are Ruth from My Little Nest and Tilden from To Be Bright!


  1. Yes it get it - the Nordstrom sale is almost over done - yet it's also hugely tempting! Have a great weekend xx Maria

  2. I get you. I think it's too much in your face that is putting me off about it. I still shop the sale as it is one of the sales I do look forward to. Not to say I buy I just like to see what is going to be hitting in the Fall as it is one of my favorite seasons. Part of why I don't do wish lists and shop this items on my blog too is I don't want to contribute to mindless shopping. It is kind of hard to do as supposed style blogger because of opportunity to get more links clicked but I don't believe in buying something just because it is on sale.

    Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

  3. Super cute look, as always! Those shoes look fabulously comfortable! I have never shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It seems whenever it comes around, I am always broke! Haha!


  4. all the Madewell items on sale are made for Nordstrom only. they're exclusives.


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