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Monday, August 12, 2019

3 Minimal Jewelry Shops

As I've become older, I find myself refining my look more. This includes my time and looking for quality and simplicity. My jewelry collection is a complete reflection of this. Pieces that are going to work over time and effortless, but still elevate my look. They're pieces that compliment, but don't compete. They're barely there, but there. And the best places I've found have been online. So today I'm sharing my 3 favorite minimal jewelry shops.

1. AU | Rate

Quality, ethical, minimal, luxury-this brand checks all the boxes! With New York roots, naturally they have an incredible selection of timeless dainty jewelry (think pass this on to my children). While the prices can range from $100 upwards, the quality from the actual piece to sourcing to packing is nothing short of refined.

2. Mejuri

This Canadian based jewelry brand offers all the minimal pieces for the girl on a budget. The pieces vary from gold-plated to 14K sold gold, but you're guaranteed to find the perfect gold piece for you or a friend.

3. Mod + Jo

The Dallas based jewelry line is female owned and operated, so think feel good shopping that supports a small business. The pieces are minimal, but lean more trendy. However, they still have that reach for everyday appeal. 

Hope this helps you discover some new places to shop for minimal jewelry!


  1. I'm already a fan of AU Rate and Mejuri, so I'll have to check out Mod + Jo!
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. AURate is also one of my favorite companies. Their pieces are always high quality and super cute as well!

  3. I love AU Rate!! I am super glad I am not the only one who thinks that! Definitely has some great elegant pieces to match my daily outfits. :)

  4. AURate looks like they have some gorgeous stuff! I will have to check them out! You look great!!

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  6. I love these so much, you look great! I wanna add my little reco too. One of my favorite jewelry brand: https://www.stylewithdama.com I love their minimalist style!


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