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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Best Light-Scented Perfumes

Okay, I lied. I'm wearing these perfumes. But I'm the type of person who can't stand wearing a perfume that e v e r y o n e else is wearing.  So I'm always on the hunt for a new scent that's well under the radar.
Prada 'Les Infusions d'Iris' - it's a light and powdery scent that I keep going back to. The only other person I've smelled it on is my sister, but that's because she bought it immediately after she smelled it on me. It's definitely a splurge that's worth it. I have no issues with it lasting all day!

Urban Outfitters Macaron Rose - well of course it smells like rose! Except it's muted by a slightly sweet, almost airy scent. It's the perfect balance to not becoming overly rosey. Not only is it great on the nose and easy on the eyes, it comes at a steal of under $20. I do find that I have to add a little vaseline to the spots I spray so it lasts longer, but price outways the lasting power.

 Jimmy Choo Flash - Okay, I'm addicted to this stuff! People will stop you and ask what you are wearing. And you will just want to keep smelling yourself. Maybe it's the hints of jasmine (LOVE), but it's somewhat powdery. The combination is SO GOOD! I think I'll just go spray myself now.

Do you have a favorite underrated light perfume? 


  1. I'm in need of a new one! Love these.

  2. i typically wear the same scent all the time... but I'm looking for something new for summer. I'll have to check these out... thanks for sharing!

    Love, Lindsey

  3. beautiful photography! sounds like some fun scents!


  4. That urban one smells so good! I don't know why I havent bit the bullet yet, but every time I shop there I always go by the section and spraying myself with it lol


  5. A good perfume really can change the whole first impression of a person! Awesome post!:)

  6. I need to try these perfumes! I love rose scents so that UO one looks interesting. And I've never heard of using vaseline to get the scent to last longer! Neat trick!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome info! I am looking forward to see more posts by you!Chandeliers


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