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Monday, October 3, 2016

3 Drugstore Green Beauty Buys

The truth is that some very heavy stuff in my life has been going on to really waken my eyes to what products I'm using especially in the beauty department. Let me say it's daunting to learn about all the chemicals that are allowed to be put in makeup, nail polish, and perfume. It's also overwhelming to try to find beloved replacements or new clean beauty lines that you've never heard of to replace what you've come to love. Let me tell ya' I am not one to test out too many beauty products or change up my face. I roughly have 5 tried and true products in my makeup bag that have been with me for a decade. So after being sad and confused about what's safe and what actually works, I found a few lines at local drugstores that got me started in cleaning up my makeup bag.

1. Defy & Inspire Nail Polish - it's a line by the people who have it all-Target. They formulated it to be free the common 5 toxic ingredients and have names that are after your favorite T.V shows. I picked up Dynasty, a pinkish nude, that is reminiscent of Essie's Ballet Slippers or Barefoot and Topless. 

2. Burt's Bee - I think we've all heard of them for skincare, but the line has been expanding more and more with makeup. I've been hooked on their face wipes for sometime-super soft by the way. But found them to have great nude lipsticks that live up to my Mac and Nars go-to, only these are safer. Blush Basin and Suede Splash are the two I picked up. 

3. Pacifica - you'll find the line conveniently at most Targets, but healthier markets like Whole Foods and Spouts carry it too. It ranges from makeup, skincare, and perfume. And if you're a package junkie, it doesn't disappoint! One thing I knew I wanted a replacement for immediately was my perfume. Lots of chemicals go into making perfumes and one big red flag that has been noted is seeing anything that says fragrance you put down. The line has several roller ball perfumes that are around $12, so doesn't break the bank even to try. Tahitian Gardenia is a combination of Gardenia and Jasmine-totally up my alley!

My goal is definitely not to bring fear, but awareness. Just like what we put in our bodies, what we put on it can affect our health. I'm still learning about what makes a line green and ingredients to avoid, but plan on sharing more as I go. If you have any favorite green beauty lines you love, please share them.

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