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Monday, November 14, 2016

10 Fall Hats Under $60

hat (old) // bracelets c/o Pura Vida

Oh, Fall how I love you! Mainly, it's for the layering and all the amazing accessories. You bet I'm a hat girl. Let's face it-you can get an extra dirty hair day in when dry shampoo won't do. Last year, I really came into scooping up a good hat (pictured above). It definitely takes a lot of scouting, but when you find one and on budget it's like finding that extra $20 in your pocket. I recently picked up this one and found a bunch of other one's that have the perfect shape, brim size, and budget-friendly.


  1. Love a good hat and these are all great picks!

  2. A good hat is a must . Love this selection
    The color palette


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