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Monday, October 30, 2017

Madewell Fitting Room Try On's: Early Winter

madewell review tops, sweaters and skirts

Is it me or does every collection Madewell puts out really good? And if you ask me, they know how to do fall and winter best. I'm actually a little behind on these fitting room reviews (oops), but all these items are the latest to hit the stores and online. There's still a whole bunch I need to pull together for a review for you. While I try to add more basics and neutrals, they do know how to fuse that with the prints they use. Now, here are the pieces that caught my eye and the full review. Oh and I also put these on my Insta Stories with video, so you can find me @adrilately 

oversized mustard sweater

mustard over sized sweater


Sleeves are having a big moment this year and this sweater fits right into that trend. The boatneck and drapey sleeves are Madewell's spin. It is oversized in a good way (per usual). The length of the sleeves hit at a 3/4 length, which works well if you are always finding sleeves to be too long. It is nice and cozy being that it's a wool/acrylic blend. It comes in two other colors and had to try another color (see below).

cream over sized sweater

cream chunky sweater

white statement sleeve sweater


Okay, so I originally saw it the cream and tried it on in a bigger size. As you can see, it is a little roomier, but I think that works better for front-tucking. And you can see more of the details in this fun sweater-mixed knits and splicing at the bottom. 

cute tan button skirt

tan a-line skirt

Another big trend this season is velvet and done in this classic skirt makes for a staple. It is velveteen, which is more casual and still adds a fun texture. There is some stretch to the material, something I enjoy for comfort. However, there are no pockets, so something to keep in mind. That does make it lay flat, so style over practical perhaps. As for sizing, I don't like my skirts too short and tight. I would say it does run true to size, but did go up in size for length and more room in the waist. That's something to keep in mind if you plan to wear with chunky sweaters. Hint: See below ;)

madewell cream sweater and tan skirt


I just couldn't resist pairing the velveteen skirt with the tier-sleeve sweater! I can see this working with tights and boots for colder weather ahead. 

peacock printed dress

peacock feather print dress

cute peacock print dress

If there's one thing that Madewell does so well, it's dresses. Season after season, I find they offer a dress that's classic with really special flattering touches. And ladies, this is the dress of the season! Perfect on the hanger, even better on. The V is a medium low, but not scandalous. While my ladies are on the small side, there's no issue with the V neck. I do think you may need to go up in size if you are larger chested because it is a lower empire waist. It is double lined through the body, except the sleeves. The ruffle at the bottom adds just enough femininity. My eyes are all over this number for the upcoming holiday season. 

peacock print silk top

peacock print top

cute peplum blouse


Since I'm in love with the dress version (also similar to this dress I own and love), I couldn't resist trying it on. You can call this a power top. The fit highlights in the right way. I did go up a size, but do think I could do a smaller size. I'm always into a little room when there isn't any stretch in a top. It does have a side zipper, so no unbuttoning needed. However, because I went up in size I think it's too low for work. Definitely a cute date night top!

oversized cute soft cardigan

Don't ask me what too me so long to finally try on their cardigans! But maybe I secretly knew it would end up with me wanting them all. It is a blend with wool, but this is blanket cozy soft goodness! And with the oversized fit and pockets, it's a winner in every way. This is one of their key styles for the season and comes in 8 colors. You don't want to stick to your normal size or size down if possible. So if you're looking for a cardigan to live in, it's this one! For you stripe lovers, they added this version - so cute!

Have you picked anything up from their latest collection? Hope this post helps with sizing!


  1. What’s your height and weight for reference if you don’t mind? I’m looking to buy the silk belle top used and I’m not sure which size to buy.


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