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Monday, August 6, 2018

Madewell Try-on: Late Summer

I'll start by prefacing this and say this try-on is all tops. What can I say? All the tops were calling me. While Madewell is calling these arrivals Fall (or at least that's what the associate told me), I say these have a lot of summer vibes. And I know that Fall here in LA is basically hot, these might not work so well for colder areas. Since I mostly live in jeans and tops, these arrivals were refreshing and will hold me off until the real Fall arrivals launch. I'll wait patiently Madewell. You have me wrapped around your little finger. 

Embroidered Zephyr Ruffle-Sleeve Top $98 // Wearing XXS

The second I saw this online, I knew I had to try it on and possibly own it. I'm more impressed by the embroidery in person. It is semi sheer and comes with a cami underneath, which makes it perfect to wear to work. The fit is oversized and would size down in this. I had plenty of room and found it look cuter tucked in the front. While it's not silk (even if it says so online), I do think it's a little much for polyester.

Alto Scoop Tee in Montoya Stripe $35 (NOW: $19.99) // Wearing XXS

Here they go again making another fun color stripe tee! These sherbet resembling colors scream well ice cream on a warm summer night. They didn't have an XS, which I would need, so tried on the XXS. It was too tight in the arms, so definitely would go with your bigger size. Now that I think of it, I probably should have tried the small for a more slouchy look. 

Ruffle-Hem Wrap Top $69.50 // Wearing XXS

Normally, I find any of their wrap styles to be small in the waist. Not this top. I went with my smaller size and found it to be just right. It does have a snap closure, which is perfectly positioned and keeps the girls covered. The material is really fun with the embroidered color threads. While I don't have a large chest, I do think the V is too low for work. You might need a lace bandeau.

Texture & Thread Ruffle Tie-Front Tank in Stripe $45 (NOW: $14.99) // Wearing XS

Not going to lie, I had zero intention of every liking this top. It looks a lot like this top from my last post. Then, I actually put it on-loved it! It also comes in a white version, but clearly I'm on a stripes kick. For this Texture & Thread line, I tend to wear my bigger size and held true with this top. It does run a bit shorter, so would have to wear mid-to-high-rise bottoms. The back is just as adorable, too!

Square Neck Top $65 (NOW $29.99) // Wearing XXS

Oh, gosh! This was a complete miss. The fabric is very stiff, think bed sheets. While I do appreciate oversized tops, this was just a tent on me. Perhaps if you're expecting this might work early on, but the combination of stiff fabric and too much fabric didn't work. 

Hope you enjoyed these! Be on the look out for more try-on's!


  1. The embroidered top is my favorite piece, though I would be furious if I bought it thinking it was silk only to discover it was poly!
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. You have fabulous taste in blouses! It's too bad that the pretty Madewell square-neck top in the colour bronzed leaf was so stiff - maybe a few times through a cold water wash using fabric softener might help? I do like that style and often deliberately shop for tops with extra fabric, but I have an unfortunate tendency to over-shrink cotton clothing in the drier.
    Out of the five blouses you took selfies in, my favourites are the Madewell ruffle hem wrap top in clipdot and the embroidered zephyr ruffle-sleeve top.
    You look fabulous rocking all of the blouses you tried on.


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