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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Closet Audit

closet audits with a personal stylist
How many times do you feel like your work outfits have become a little stale? That's exactly what my client Sarah was feeling. Sarah works in an office by day, but is a talented pianist that is full of personality. While like many of us, she has a limited budget for new clothes and I knew with a fresh set of eyes we could maximize what she already had in her closet. 

One of my favorite pieces in Sarah's closet was this tweed blazer. It's a great neutral that went with just about anything and perfect for a freezing office! I also picked out this dress that had such a classic shape, but had a sexy back (clearly a no no for the office). Sarah said she hasn't worn the dress ever, but I showed her that it could work for the office with this blazer.

If there was one thing we shared a love for, it was stripes. I showed her a simple black and white ensemble with a pop of color is still chic for the office and has personality. She said this channeled her love for French music, so clearly we were both happy with this one.
 Using that same tweed blazer and pairing it with a simple navy skirt and mixing different blouses, I created an easy formula for Sarah to follow on her own.

Overall, it was a fun closet audit for both of us! I was able to breath new life into Sarah's work ensembles that left her feeling great about getting dressed for work.

If you have any questions about working with me, feel free to email me! 

Have a great Thursday! xo

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  1. Great job Adri!! Such good advice--can't wait to try it out with some of my own office-wear :)


  2. Taking the time to do an audit and play with new outfits in advance (not when you're freaking out about what to wear) is so helpful! I'm actually wearing a partially backless dress right now, covered up with a cardigan for the office.

  3. Sounds like a great closet audit! And I love this tweed blazer as well! I love being able to wear layers that "cover up" some of my not so appropriate work dresses!


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