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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Casual Stripe Sweater

stripe sweater (25% off) // jeans // mules // hat // purse // sunglasses

What a difference a week can make! Last week's fire situation in Southern California, not only created an actual haze, but moral just wasn't there. Directly or indirectly, there were so many effected by the fires. Everyone was on edge. And I know how insanely lucky I am when both my sister and nieces (they're from different sides of the family) have homes to come back to. While the fire is still not in the clear for Santa Barbara County, the blue skies have returned and what LA finds suitable air to breath (hello grimy polluted smog) feels so refreshing. Being out and about just feels so good. There's so much more you can appreciate after an unimaginable week. 

Let's flashback to last year here! It's a good one! While reds are not a color a wear often, this deep shade is one I still can come around to during the holidays. 

Thank you for coming each week to linkup with Jessica and I! Our picks are Christine from Bon Chic Style and Katie from Hello Katie Girl!


  1. Very cute sweater! I love the colors on it.


  2. Your striped sweater is beautiful. It looks beautiful with your hat and shoes. Very well put together! Events like fire, etc are no joke and scary. I am glad to hear you and family are okay.


  3. I love this sweater, and the colors! So scary about the fires. I'm glad you're all safe!

  4. The sweater is so pretty! I love the neutral stripes! So glad you are safe from the fires. It's so sad how many people have been affected by it. Hope you enjoy the weekend!


  5. I can't believe the fires, it really is insane. I am glad you are safe. I love this look, the colors of your sweater are so pretty!

    xx, Elise

  6. Cute style dear, you paired it perfectly with the hat too.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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